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A Good Fishing Report

by: Lloyd Tackitt 9/28/2013

I couldn't have asked for a better timed weather front.  It rolled through here about 1pm.  I was out early, fishing the Brazos.  I chose a fishing hole that generally only produces one or two good bites, but it's close to the house. 

Started off with a small-mouth bass just before the hole starts. This is water that is clear and flowing nicely and about six inches deep, it has a solid rock bottom.  I don't generally catch anything in that shallow area but it's a good place to get some line out and do some warm up casts.  Second cast caught the small-mouth.  Fourth cast caught a large-mouth. 

And the frenzy was on.  I caught more bass than blue-gills, and that's unusual.  I quit counting at ten and still they kept hitting.  I'm guessing but I'd say I caught twenty plus fish.  Some nice ones too.

Hooked a bass about five or six pounds, and this on a 4wt.  He really bent the rod, then he came up and tail-danced and threw the hook.  I fished through two short rain squalls, then like a switch was turned off they quit biting.  Might have had something to do with the group of kayakers that came through.  The river is narrow at that spot and they had no choice but to go through, that's okay, we share the river. I feel sorry for the kayakers, they had another six hours of steady paddling to get to their destination, and it rained hard before they got out of sight.  I suspect they are either still on the river or pulled off to seek shelter.  Some really heavy storms are still rolling through here.  I guess they don't watch the weather channel.

A good day, a very good day in fact.  Fishing these fronts this time of year is always fun, and this one was especially fun and productive.

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Lloyd Tackitt
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