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There's a Front Coming!

by: Lloyd Tackitt 9/26/2013

Hell Yes!!  We're closing in on autumn and it's my absolute favorite time of year!


Fall weather in Texas can be so extraordinarily gorgeous that it more than makes up for the summer doldrums.  Crisp cool air, blue skies, gentle breezes, and biting fish, how much more can you ask for?  Well here's one way it gets even better!  There will also be a series of fronts move through, and fishing the autumn fronts is a good bet.


Autumn fronts tend to be fairly mild, usually no great big temperature or barometric swings.  These stir the fish up making them feed.  Fishing in front of a front - so to speak - is my favorite.  The fish sense the coming weather change and sometimes go into feeding frenzies.  I don't know why and I've given up on speculating why - I just go with it.  Apparently they have their own Weather Channel and watch it closely.  My personal experience is that just before the front actually hits the feeding increases briefly and increases again as it arrives.  As the front passes by the activity begins to slow down.  A day or so after the front has passed fish resume biting again at a normal pace.


Fishing in front of the front wave, staying ahead of its arrival, that's the key, in my opinion.  As the season progresses into winter the fronts come in colder, and often with increasingly larger pressure drops.  These fronts are good to fish in front of too - but as winter continues and the water temperatures drop and as the days get shorter the fishing slows down overall.


But we are just beginning to enter the fall season when the fishing is great.  Tailor your approach, slowing down as the water cools.  Use bait that is a bit larger than usual for aggressive fish.  This time of year a lot of the fish's foods have grown, the minnows are larger, the young fish are larger, frogs are larger, so the fish are expecting to see larger food units. 


Keep an eye on the seven day forecast, watch those fronts.  When a front is 24 hours away it's time to find time to fish.  If you can time it so that you are fishing when the front actually arrives you may find the fish going crazy, big fish included, before and during the early stages of the front. 


As a matter of fact we're looking to have a front pass through Texas Friday or Saturday of this week.  A front that comes through on the weekend is ideal for me, makes it easy to have time to fish.  I'll be out fishing in front of it, and if the rain isn't too heavy, during it.


It's a great time of year and it's just starting - enjoy the season and join us to let us know how you're doing by posting stories on the forum and conditions reports on the website!


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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   9/26/2013 11:08:50 AM
No doubt about it, weather changes often put the fish in a feeding mood.
JKaboom, CO   9/26/2013 11:11:58 PM
Thank you for being up front :)
Lloyd Tackitt
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