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Lake Austin Fishing report

by: Dave Mauldin 9/20/2013

Went to Lake Austin on Friday morning, and found very little boat traffic. Conditions before the rain began was overcast and breezy...exactly what I like on a clear river system. Found water temps in the 77-79 degrees mid lake.

Was pleasantly surprised to find good grass (especially shoreline) on upper 1/3 of lake.

Fish were active at shallow levels until noon, and caught about 15 and missed another 15.

It was fun finding them and figuring out how to catch them.

It looks like fall patters of shallow fish are about to happen!


I hope Lake Austin can remain the pristine body of water it is!

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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   9/21/2013 11:48:42 AM
Dave, what kind of baits? I've been thinking of trying rubber worms on a fly rod. Bet it will work.
Dave Mauldin (Dave Mauldin), TX   9/24/2013 11:48:38 AM
Lloyd, For fishing in matted hyrillla I use a 7 1/2' heavy flipping stick, with 25# line, and a large plastic worm. I'm not a purist like you and many others. One thing I do know about bass, is the plastic worm is the best all round/year round artificial bait (we cannot use anything other than artificial in tournaments). I bet anything that looks like a worm will work for you. It does not have to be large. The worm is the ONE bait a bass NEVER wises up to. I believe bass can become conditioned to avoid other baits...if they have seen them multiple times.
Dave Mauldin
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