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Blast Furnace Fishing

by: Lloyd Tackitt 8/12/2013

Fish at night.  Back in the day we used to fish at night in the summer.  It's an interesting game because you're working by sound and feel.  The favored way to do this was to carry a lantern with tin-foil covering half of the glass, this way you can see without being blinded.  Find a good spot on the bank, then turn the light down as low as you can, keeping the foil side towards you.

Most lures work as well at night as they do in the daytime, better actually because the big predator fish are moving around out there a lot more than during the daytime.  Spinners, rattlers, and chuggers work well, fish track them by sound and/or vibration.  My personal favorite was a hula-popper.  I would cast it way out and let it set, then slowly twitch it back in, listening closely for the sound of a hit, which would then be followed by the feel of the hit.  Talk about getting your adrenaline up!

For catfishing I either fished on the bottom with a "tight line".  You know, that's where you either hold the rod gently with one hand and pinch the line with the other, feeling the bite - or propping the rod up on a forked stick, pulling off a bit of slack line and laying a small twig over the top of that line, and watching.  Another technique that I enjoyed was to fish with a glow-stick bobber.  That is a lot of fun and very effective as well.

Carp fishing at night with dough bait is very productive.  Broadcast throw half  a can of corn out where your bait will be to attact the school.  The trick here is to wait for the second hit.  Carp will pick the bait up gently and swim off a little way, then drop it and pick it back up and start to eat it.  If you try to set the hook on the first strike you'll miss a lot of them.  Waiting for the second bite to set the hook improves the odds considerably.  This is best done with a forked stick and an open bail - when the carp take the bait the first time, if they feel any resistance, they'll drop it quick and not pick it up again.  Takes a bit of patience but the technique is easy - so is the bait recipe.  The recipe only requires cornmeal, water and sugar.  You'll find it in one of my other articles, but let me know if you can't find it and I'll post it again.

Night fishing is a superb way to beat the high dog days of summer heat - and to have a blast.  There's something about fishing at night that adds extra thrill to catching a fish.  And it's productive.

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Member comments
Coyute, CO   8/12/2013 2:32:32 PM
Aye. Nothing like big bass slamming a black jitterbug under the full moon.
catchn, CO   8/12/2013 5:30:31 PM
I thought it was gonna be an article about fishing back home in phoenix in june-aug :) My go to was a big black power worm, chartruse the heck out of the tail! Red/black, blue/black or black/chartruse, Robo worm makes a color called midnight if you want to finesse em a little. ... I love a good reaction bite but yes, I am a finese fisherman. Used to have a tag on a forum back home that said "my worm will beat your crank!" Tight lines -C
Dangly, CO   8/13/2013 6:45:02 AM
Coyute: yup, the classic black jitterbug is my go-to night bait. I also have had good success with the wipers especially this year pulling a weightless robo zipper worm across the surface.
Coyute, CO   8/13/2013 9:08:14 AM
Reading catchn's comments caused me to recall something Aaron Martens (one of the best finesse worm fisherman on the planet) once said, 'if they are biting the crankbait, don't throw the worm." Being a cranker myself, that always struck me as funny. I like my chances with a crank much better than a worm - and that's only because I prefer fishing faster and have more experience and confidence with a crank. I have always envied good finesse fishermen that can really slow it down and still produce.
Coyute, CO   8/13/2013 9:13:00 AM
Dangly, there is just something about the song the Jitterbug sings that kinda lulls you into a primordial state. It doesn't look like anything natural but that doesn't stop a bass from wanting to crush it with gusto. Night fishing has so much to offer. Less crowds, it allows you to hones your other senses, you get to hear all kinds of interesting critters moving about in the night and the biggest bass on the lake are on the prowl. Thanks for the blog Tackitt.
JKaboom, CO   8/21/2013 3:38:41 PM
"Broadcast throw half a can of corn out where your bait will be to attact the school." *** Not in Colorado - this would be considered chumming. I like the overall BLOG though :)
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