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Fishing Small Waters Can Be The Best

by: Lloyd Tackitt 6/10/2013

I grew up fishing stock tanks, or ponds to the rest of the world, and they are undoubtedly some of the best fishing places you will ever find.  I'll call them ponds from here so no one has to translate. 

Pond fishing has a lot of benefits.  Whatever else may happen, you'll know that fish are seeing your presentation.  On big water I'm never quite confident that the fish aren't somewhere else, in a pond I have a captive audience - if they're not biting then I know it's me that's not showing them what they want.  Depending on the size of the pond and it's configuration you can generally cover one-hundred-percent of the best fishing area in a few hours, the best fishing area being the zone around the edge and twenty feet or so out towards the middle.  You can walk the bank and fan cast as you go.

Innertube floats are easy to carry and give you access to every inch of the water.  I like small boats better though.  I've used small aluminum boats and they work fine, but are a bit on the noisy side.  Better than those are the small one man boats I've built of plywood.  There is a pleasure in fishing from a boat hand-built that's hard to describe.  Well fly tiers might understand.

Building small wooden boats is easier than ever before using the stitch and glue method.  In this technique you cut out the plywood shapes, then stitch them together with zip-ties, then cover the joints with fiberglass tape and epoxy.  This simple technique is fast and inexpensive.  If you want a boat that lasts forever use marine grade plywood.  If you want one that will last for a few seasons, and want to build it really cheap, use regular plywood and several coats of good paint.   Here's a link to a site that explains this technique in detail, with pictures:

My favorite size pond to fish is about three acres.  This is enough water to keep me busy for as long as I want to fish, and a boat does help on these.  I once built a boat just big enough for me to sit down in comfortably.  I built in a system where I could steer it with my feet using foot pedals connected to a trolling motor with light cables.  This was a simple set up and left me hands free for fishing while navigating the waters I fished. 

If you can get access to a pond you really should check it out.  Great fishing and great fun.

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Member comments
Stain420, CO   6/10/2013 1:32:10 PM
Great article but the link you provided is some kind of Blade Runner video and not about boats... :)
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   6/10/2013 3:44:19 PM
Sheesh! I can do some of the strangest things sometimes...
Lloyd Tackitt (Lloyd Tackitt), TX   6/10/2013 3:44:42 PM
Link has been changed.
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