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Fishing and Drones?

by: Lloyd Tackitt 5/13/2013

I read a lot of science fiction when I was younger.  Bradbury, Heinlien, Fracis K. Dick, all those and many many more.  So I guess it's natural that I tend to sometimes see things in an SF kind of way.  Lately I've been reading a lot about drones.  That started me thinking about drones and fishing.  Not a likely combination?  Maybe not, but maybe...

2018.  He heads out to his favorite trout stream, a remote area back in the mountains that has to be hiked into.  It's hard enough to get to that he rarely ever sees anyone else in the area.  In his backpack is a lightweight drone that has two cameras, one forward and one downwards.  It has four rotors making it extremly stable in flight.  The video feed from the cameras links directly to the electronic tablet he carries.  He can fly it at a range of two miles, hover and watch the video. 

When he arrives at the stream he quickly sets up the drone and launches it, flying it upstream and watching the video.  He's looking for two things, signs of fish activity and for other fishermen.  Sure enough, half a mile upstream he sees another fisherman.  Not wanting to intrude, or to fish whater that has just been fished, he reverses and sends it downstream.  No sign there of anyone, but he sees several fish jump, marks the spots in his mind and retrieves the drone and heads downstream to fish.

He's been fishing for several hours when a fish and wildife drone hovers immediately overhead.  He removes his fishing license and holds it up so the drone camera can read it.  The drone flashes a green-light and soars off.  If he hadn't had a valid license the drone operator would have taken his picture and using facial recognition identified who he is, and sent him a ticket by mail.  Fish and wild life use commercial drones supplied by a company that also leases red light cameras to citys.  Fish and wildlife use the same sort of set-up, all equipment/personnel/ticketing being done by a commercial company.  Fish and wildlife's revenues have increased exponentially. Some fishermen use their drones to spy on what other fishermen are doing, where they are catching fish, what they are using.  This practice has been ruled as a disqualifier in tournaments, but there are no laws to prevent its use otherwise. 

2013 - Drones of this type are available now, even sending video to your tablet, and they're not exorbitantly expensive.  In the range of $300 or so actually.  It's just a matter to time before the technology improves enough for longer flights...

Here is but one example - and no I have no stake in their sales:


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