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Lake Austin fishing report - Won Wed eve. trny

by: Dave Mauldin 5/2/2013

..... went to Lake Austin Wed. knowing it was about to get cold the next day.... Went to check on some fish we found a week ago. Surprisingly, both the shallow fish and the deep fish were still there. I got into a tournament that evening thanks to Andy with TTZ, got paired up with a great guy, Jared Smith.

We had a great time, got lucky and won the tournament against a big turnout and some sticks.

We found water temps in the mid lake area about 68 degrees in the afternoon, with down lake being warmer.

Fish WERE NOT locked on beds mid lake yesterday, but in the "area" of beds...There were also some pre-spawn (yes pre-spawn) females holding out deeper in 13-20 feet....We worked the deep fish, and the shallow fish...yes Lloyd, there was a PAUSE just before dark,  heard a Whip-O-Will begin at dark...haven't heard that one in 20+ years!....and we made the right adjustment and culled a couple of fish. NOTE: Lake Austin does NOT follow the normal Texas spawning schedule.

...Got a few good bites, and won with 22+ pounds, with our stringer being the only one over 20#.

That is not common to win with this weight on Lake Austin this time of year. Last week, Dale Reed weighed in over 32#! Here's the TTZ1 post. These guys are running a good tournament trail! 

As I have mentioned before, Lake Austin is a piece of work! Very unique body of water, and a pleasure to be on

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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   5/3/2013 4:32:29 AM
Congratulations Dave! That is fantastic news. Whats a stick?
Dave Mauldin (Dave Mauldin), TX   5/3/2013 5:26:06 PM
A stick, is a term we use describing the "best" on a given body of water....The local experts
Dave Mauldin
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