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Lake Austin fishing report

by: Dave Mauldin 3/30/2013

During 1/2 day guide trip, water temps were at 62 degrees mid-lake (that may sound cool for this time of year, but this is Lake Austin) . We had found fish holding around new spawning areas a week ago, and were excited to go back and get a SAL out of that area.

We only caught one small fish there, so checked out a deeper spot near by and my customer caught 3 over 5#..all released immediately... then the next one was between 8-10. It wasn't the one we were looking for so we released immediately.

Those fish came out of the bottom of the river, mid lake......on a big worm. The key to my customer having such a great day was the perfect combination of line, worm weight, hook, and soft plastic bait.

I had him rigged with an American Rodsmiths 7'4"Denny Brauer Wreckin' Stix, 15 # Seaguar fluorocarbon line, a 1/4 oz lead sinker, and a XPoint 4/0 black wide gap hook.....a perfect setup for fishing a 10" worm in 10-15' water. Many times, the perfect combination of terminal tackle makes all the difference......This seemed to be the perfect combination for these conditions.

BTW, my customer mentioned "if you had a thermostat, you couldn't make the weather any better"...and I began to notice it Was Perfect!!!!!!wow, I had taken that for granted. shame on me.

During the last two hours of the evening, a tom turnkey came down to the bank, and gobbled and strutted for an hour in plain sight. Then he went to roost, and a deer came down for a drink.

While we were loading up at Mary Quinlan Park at dark ( after "The Pause" ), we could hear coyotes across the Colorado River.

You can't make this stuff up. All in the Austin city limits!

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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   4/1/2013 2:35:45 PM
Sounds like one excellent outing Dave - and all inside the city limits? Too cool. Very Texas!
Dave Mauldin (Dave Mauldin), TX   4/3/2013 4:11:01 PM
Yes, Lake Austin is a very unique place. It's a dammed up section of the Colorado below Lake Travis - 20+ miles. It is kept at a constant level. You can look to one side of the river and see a multi-million dollar home, with a 100K dock, and on the other side of the river complete wilderness. I've had the pleasure of fishing some of the best over the years, and this is a unique pleasure. Let's keep it that way! Do not abuse it! i.e. do not keep the large females...release them immediately, unless it's a SAL!
Dave Mauldin
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