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BASS Elite Trny Lake Falcon - Finale

by: Dave Mauldin 3/26/2013

The lead ESPN staff, camera crew, myself and some local legend guides were up close and on hand to watch Rick Clunn, (four time BASSmaster Clasic champion, a record 32 Classic qualificatoins, 14 BASSMaster career wins) pull off an amazing feat. He came from deep in the field on day one, with the two largest bags of his career on days 2,3 to come within one pound of Keith Combs after day 3 of the 4 day event.

We carefully set up on Rick the final day with a camera in his boat all day. All the spectator boats kept a very respectable distance. I was proud of the way the S. Texas fans never even came close.

It was a grind for Rick, and he had a good limit of 23-3, but Combs got a good break when they re-scheduled day 4 from a very windy day to a calm day. This allowed him to run 20 miles to the dam and win it with an even better bag than Clunn.

Congrats to Keith. Congrats to Rick Clunn who after only 12-12 on day 1, broke the Century mark

with 105-6. A coveted belt buckle will be awarded to Rick Clunn and Keith Combs, as well as John Crews in 3rd place.

Both Rick and Keith are the best of professionals, one nearer the beginning of a stellar career and one nearer the end.....

Check out photo 19/27. It tells the story

It was a pleasure covering both Keith Combs and Rick Clunn on days 3 and 4. The ESPN crew are first class!


Check out coverage on day might want to watch this BASSmaster show on TV soon! as the ESPN crew are now on their way back to Little Rock to begin editing and producing the show.

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