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BASS Elite Trny Lake Falcon, TX (Day 3)

by: Dave Mauldin 3/23/2013

I drove the ESPN camera boat today, with some great ESPN crew. I knew right where Keith Combs was going to start, so we met him there. See for some very interesting pictures, especially the ones where we attempted a boat swap of camera crew into/out of Keith's boat, at the time he gets a monster bite. The fight is on, and three camera guys are stradling my boat (including Mark Zona) and Keith's boat....they all go back into Keith's boat to make it especially trying for Keith and myself to work around a CLUSTER!.....All worked out as Keith Combs landed a 7 1/2 pound Lake Falcon bass, and Keith is still leading going into day four.

...but only by one pound over the greatest angler of all time - Rick Clunn. Rick caught his best bag ever yesterday, and surpassed it AGAIN today!!!!!! Watch out America. This may be history in the making!

Please check out the excellent photos of day three..

That's my camera guy in 6/46, and my Bass Cat boat in 7/46.....

...We later went to see Edwin Evers catch some good ones....

Tomorrow will be very interesting, as we choose to go after Rick Clunn, or Keith Combs.

They are fishing opposite ends of the lake 25 miles apart, as I have been on the lake for 7 days and know where each is fishing, so we may not be able to cover both.....

ESPN will make the call, but I know who I would follow.......................Who would you?..............................The field will be include only the top 12 tomorrow, Alton Jones missed the top 12 cut by one ounce today. Ouch!

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