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BASS Elite Trny on Lake Falcon TX

by: Dave Mauldin 3/19/2013

I'm here to be a marshall and maybe serve as a camera boat operator, but I have

tried my darndest to catch fish during these last four days. IT's like they turned the light switch on in my head today. I figured them out, and feel much better about myself. I lost an 8# today, but caught a few and that made me feel much better, now that I know how to catch them.

As they say in the UK, now my pecker is up.

I have one more day to fish, then I go to helping BASS execute this tournament.

This is one big event, with BASS, ESPN, etc takes a lot to pull off one of these events..

Stay tuned for more updates from HOT Zapata TX.


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Dave Mauldin
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