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BASS Elite Trny on Lake Falcon, TX

by: Dave Mauldin 3/18/2013

I've been fishing here at Falcon for three days, and I know this place. I'm here to serve as a marshall during the BASS Elite trny starting Thursday, March 21...basically an observer in the boat, with three different pros on three days.

I can't give out any fishing information until the trny is over.

The lake is very low, with a recent rise of 7 feet, with an algae bloom going on right now.

It's hot, (100 degrees today with a N. Wind!)

If I am able, I'll update my blog with a daily report on my pros for the day. I will not

be publishing any information pertaining to the methods of fishing, but hopefully some

interesting information. The BASS Elite serries just kicked off, and Todd Faircloth of Jasper, TX

won the first event on the Sabine River, in E. Texas this past Sunday.

Stay tuned for updates


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