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Sight Fishing....year round

by: Dave Mauldin 2/10/2013

Most of you know I am a bass fisherman, and fish competetively. So I need every advantage I can get. The ability to see into the water is a tremendous advantage. The average fisherman sees a glare or a ripple on the water. What if you could see like SuperMan? Wish I could, but I can see better than most due to the use of excellet quality polarized lenses.

I sight fish year round. Yes, when they are spawing, I need to be able to see the fish. When they are locked on the beds, it imperative to see exactly how they are positioned, how they are reacting to my presention, and even their mood.

But in reality, I sight fish year round. The ability to look 30-40 yards down the bank, and see something different in the water i.e. a break line in the grass, a rock pile, a laydown...makes a tremendous difference. When you can present your bait to these key areas long before the fish has been alerted to your presence...that makes the difference in a good day and a not so good day.

Or in my case a check or no check.

I would like you to consider a product which I have used for many years. They are made by Optometrist and avid outdoorsman, Dr. Gary Nesty of Brazil, Indiana. His products are SOLAR BAT polarized glasses. I can proudly reccomend Dr. Nesty's products. We can be especially proud Dr. Nesty has made a committment to put more Americans back to work by building IN THE US.

Check out their products, and order online at

Keep your hook wet!

BTW, I now use bi-focals! and Yes, Soar Bat makes an exceptional pair of bifocal polarized prescription glasses for me! I can see to tie the knot, and see down into the water collum immediately after tying the bait on!


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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   2/11/2013 10:08:52 AM
Thanks for the pointing out this option.
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   2/12/2013 12:02:26 PM
Polarized glasses are an absolute necessity for fly fishing the Brazos. They not only make spotting structure possible, but cruising fish too. On top of that they protect my eyes from those occasional bad or wind blown casts. I had a fly snap on the lens of my glasses once, could have lost an eye right there and then. Also good for spotting those ankle turning rocks. Thanks for the tip on where to get good ones!
Dave Mauldin
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