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So Close But Yet So Far

Guest Blog by: Amy Block 11/29/2012
Hello Anglers! I’m sure you have all had those “DOH” (as Homer Simpson would say), or the “Oh my goodness... so close but yet so far” moments on the water as we are slapping ourselves on the forehead thinking about those memories. But hey, that’s what making memories are about! I’ve got a doozie of a “DOH” moment for you; it seems to cease to exist!

This past Father’s Day we had taken out a group of three gentleman for a “Happy Father’s Day” Weekend Salt Water Trip in South Louisiana, or as I like to now call it the $30,000.00 Trip of a Lifetime.  After a brief summer storm passed and we had just finished eating our Ham and Cheese sandwiches the fishing got even better!  Jokes were soaring left and right about how so-and so- looked like a Stuffed Sausage in their rain gear, and how “X” was catching more fish than “X”.  We had gotten into a nice school of Reds cast after cast they were being thrown into the cooler.  However, after netting one of the gentleman’s redfish, I noticed a strange looking red colored wire sticking out from one side of the fish. After getting the Boga Grips on this fish (and it was just your “typical” 22” South LA Redfish) myself and the guests examined this tag a bit closer.  I almost fell out of the boat! I couldn’t believe what had just been caught!  A tagged CCA 2012 STAR Tournament Redfish!!  In 170 Square Miles there were only 5 that’s right only 5 Redfish that had been released, and here I was staring at the tagged fish caught in disbelief!  I eagerly asked the gentleman if he had any idea what the CCA Star Tournament was. He was ecstatic and replied “of course”; he fishes in Texas quite a bit and signs up for the CCA Star Tournament every year!  He was signed up for the 2012 tournament, and was ready to win his brand new 2012 Chevy Silverado pick-up truck for entering the first tagged Redfish to the 2012 CCA Louisiana Star Tournament. We were all excited and ready to high tail it out of our honey hole to the closest weigh in station to proudly turn this beauty in.  However, next was “dooms day” his bubble was crushed! He was not signed up for the CCA Star Tournament in the state of Louisiana just in Texas, so this voided his chances of the $30, 0000.00 Tagged Redfish (aka $30,000.00 Trip of a Lifetime)!  Needless to say he was so disappointed; (as was I; I was signed up for the 2012 CCA LA Star Tournament, so if I had caught and reeled this fish in, it would have been my $30,000.00 Trip of a Lifetime) his dreams of the Chevy Silverado diminished in an instant, and his buddies were in awe and disbelief as well.  It would be a Long car ride back to Texas that afternoon for the gentleman as they were so close but yet so far to a $30,000.00 Trip of a Lifetime.  What a heck of a trip!

Moral of the story: Please sign up for the annual CCA Star Tournament and the CCA Chapter in your state every year (where applicable). It’s inexpensive, supports a great cause and you really just never know what you will pull out of the water!

Happy Fishing!
Amy Block is an avid “fisher girl” on the Gulf Coast. Growing up on the water, her love for fishing originated. Currently, she fishes three – four weekends of the month year-round and assists as a “first mate” with taking guests on trips. Her love for the sport makes for a successful day on the water! “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles”. ~Doug Larson
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Member comments
Lloyd Tackitt, TX   11/30/2012 6:45:29 AM
Reminds me of when I was in a charity golf tournament and there was a $10K prize for a hole in one. I hit a great shot and the ball stopped 1/2" short of the hole. Don't remember the rest of the tournament at all.
Amy Block
"Reel FisherGirl"
Guest Blogger