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Try Something Different

Guest Blog by: Amy Block 11/20/2012

Hello Anglers!

Well, it’s been an extended hiatus in my involvement with Fish Explorer and my sincere apologies for that Texas.  A lot has been going on in the past months But I am still fortunate to get out and fish, and I will try my best to keep you all updated on what’s hot along the Gulf Coast!

I’ve got a ton of stories and experiences from the past couple of months but a topic that sticks out in my mind currently – Flounder Season! I realize a lot of you are strictly fresh water pros, but I Urge you to try something different! Step outside of the box…you won’t be disappointed. Flounder Season is at its prime along the Gulf Coast. When the water turns cooler as we slowly transition into winter, these “treasures” are abundant as they are spawning!  Anglers pursue this species from docks, jetties, wade fishing, and can be seen for miles lined up and down shorelines.  Areas with sandy mud, gravel, oyster reefs, patches of grass, and channels, provide anglers with the greatest opportunity for success for “floundering”. Flounder provide the most enjoyable action when caught on light tackle.  Most anglers use 10 to 15 pound test monofilament (though I prefer braid:  Power Pro 30 lb. as it’s much more sensitive) line on a 7’2 foot medium action spinning rod or a small boat rod.  Live shrimp (the potato chip of the sea –everything eats them) a chartreuse grub, or DOA shrimp and gulps are best bait for catching them.  Catching Flounder can sometimes be tricky, but the technique is extremely similar to bass and worm fishing which is why I urge all you Freshwater Anglers to try something different! You will be hooked!  

Best of luck and Happy Fishing! Don't forget to tell me about your catch(es)!

Just remember the Texas Bag and Size Limit:, 14” Minimum Size Limit and Flounder special regulation: Daily bag is 5 fish except for the period Nov. 1-30 when the daily bag is 2 fish and flounder may be taken only by pole and line. Possession limit is equal to the daily bag (


Amy Block is an avid “fisher girl” on the Gulf Coast. Growing up on the water, her love for fishing originated. Currently, she fishes three – four weekends of the month year-round and assists as a “first mate” with taking guests on trips. Her love for the sport makes for a successful day on the water! “If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there'd be a shortage of fishing poles”. ~Doug Larson
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Amy Block
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