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Arctic Cold Front Fishing

by: Lloyd Tackitt 10/9/2012

I fish thin water, it changes temperature pretty quickly compared to lakes and deep rivers.  As everyone alive knows we had one heck of a cold front come in the past few days.  I am sure it was much colder up north than here, but perhaps it's all relative.  Sure seems early too.

I can watch the temperature in my section of the river follow the atmospheric temperature by a few days.  The river water has dropped several degrees already.  I'm guessing that other river fishermen see the same thing.

I adjust by slowing down the presentation and going below the surface more.

Just wondering, what do other river fishermen do?  What about on lakes?

All tips and techniques are appreciated.

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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   10/11/2012 4:49:46 PM
My river fishing is for trout, which often bothered by temperature drops, in fact the bite will often pick up if water temperatures have been warm. However, when the bite slows, so do I, and typically dredge. I want my flies tight to the bottom, often ticking it. If I'm not snagging bottom on occasion, I add more weight. Same with lakes/ponds/reservoir. Only here I fish as tight as I can to structure, as well as the bottom, for warm water species.
Lloyd Tackitt
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