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NewTexas Fish Consumption Advisories
To inform the public of possible contamination of fish and shellfish caught by recreational fishermen in the state, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) issues news releases regarding fish consumption advisories and fish consumption bans. (Wednesday)
RecentFishing Specialists
Like fish, fisherman come in all types of configurations, and over time each of those fisherman tends to become a specialist at one type of fishing, preferring it to the other types. (Monday)
A Case For Hiring A Fishing Guide
Even on familiar waters hiring a guide can make good sense, on strange waters it makes great sense. (Friday)
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Lake Worth by: Attila64
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Specific Fish Holding Spots and Fish as Economists
by Lloyd Tackitt
Over many years of fishing my favorite river, I've come to realize fish are economists. Knowing that lets me pattern their favorite haunts.
by Big M Patrick - Was actually caught North of the red river,by Lloyd Tackitt - Good fishing spot, deeper hole with overhanging Lloyd Tackitt - Medium Size Redbreast Sunfish From Brazosby Lloyd Tackitt - Nice Brazos River Channel Catby liljonash - Caught on liver at 315 am at Goodfellow air force rec campby rebelsportsmanl - my grandson with a cedar creek liljonash - Using fresh cut shad  by rebelsportsmanl - cedar creek yellowbassby rebelsportsmanl - 2 of the crappie from white rock creek on lake livingston.  the bigger one went 14``by rebelsportsmanl - hybrid on rattletrap at lake somervilleby rebelsportsmanl - wife with 6.2# somerville hybridby rebelsportsmanl - sheepshead caught by my buddy, Ed, from Greensburg, rebelsportsmanl - a red and black drum form a 16 fish day at port Sub637 - My 10 yr. old landed this 36lb. black drum Nov. 23, 2013 on dead shrimp in Clear Lake. This is the first time he`s caught a fish he could not rebelsportsmanl - the surf was full of small mullet, but the pesky hardheads were out in force to bother the Camois4winners -
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