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Brazos River (Lk Whitney to Waco) by: Lloyd Tackitt
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Channel cat fishing during the day
by Daris McKinnon
Catfishing is often thought of as a night time activity. In truth, anglers can do as well, if not better, fishing during daylight hours. Daris shows us how to get started.
by tazz - private pondby tazz - by tazz - private pondby liljonash - She caught them all by herselfby liljonash - She caught them all by her selfby rebelsportsmanl - 27 1-2`` red from rollover pass on dead shrimpby rebelsportsmanl - black drum from rollover pass on dead rebelsportsmanl - rollover pass sunset.  the mosquitos got so bad a few minutes after this picture it was rebelsportsmanl - here is a gar fish caught on cut rebelsportsmanl - 22`` copperhead this morning at the edge of the RV. this is about 70 miles from san antonio, but you have to add a lake or rebelsportsmanl - the sunset at lake rebelsportsmanl - catfish ready to be cleaned by liljonash - Caught on perch at 10pmby Big M Patrick - Was actually caught North of the red river,by Lloyd Tackitt - Good fishing spot, deeper hole with overhanging Lloyd Tackitt - Medium Size Redbreast Sunfish From Brazos
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