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ICAST 2014: Product Reviews and Reflections on Life …..Part 1:

Guest Blog by: Danny Barker 7/22/2014

Another ICAST rolls through the Orlando Convention Center with all the new fishing products and the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones. We’ll check out a few of the new fishing toys and also look at some stories about folks making a difference in people’s life not necessarily about fishing.
Tuesday was restricted to buyers and media folks to check out and vote for the best new products for 2015. I had a chance to slip onto the main floor and see all the companies setting up for the next day grand opening. It was unbelievable to image it could be done within the next 14 hours!
Fast forward to Day One and low and behold it’s a Fishing wonderland. The first guy I ran into was my old friend Joe Everett at the V&M booth showing off and promoting his new signature “BOOM” jig…….. wishing him all the luck in the world, he’s been on the brink of catching the World Record Bass for a number of years and on any given day on the water it could happen!

DSCN3584 DSCN3692A
My customary stop at the Snag Proof Frog booth find’s my favorite folks Connie and Harry who inform me that they have sold the company to a fine fellow by the name of Nathan Chandler. Connie will stay on board which is great news; Snag Proof introduced the new Curly-Q Inline Spinner..... The teardrop body shape and curly tail give it terrific action and looks alive in the water as it swims behind the spinner. And no line twist! The specially designed weight keeps the Curly-Q from twisting your line and allows for more accurate casting. The nickel plated brass blade provides awesome flash and vibration through the thickest weeds calling in the big fish. Like Bobby Barrack says Snag Proof is where you’re “Turnin’ Frogs into Toads”!

Curly-Q-three-colors[1] DSCN3586
As most of you known I’ve gone green with my fishing and new sponsor NuCanoe and the Frontier. It’s the ultimate hybrid kayak, designed from the hull up for serious anglers and hunters. Whether you are fly fishing in salt water, bass fishing in a river, or hunting in the marshes, the Frontier fishing kayak will maximize your experience. In the Frontier, you can do things a better way…your way! Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Position seats, rod holders, and accessories anywhere along the 70″ Freedom Track. Face the action with 360 degree mobility. And don’t just stand, walk & fish with confidence on the 20″ wide Cast & Blast Deck. Ridiculously stable, surprisingly agile, and completely comfortable, the self-bailing Frontier knows no limits.

DSCN3604 DSCN3650 imageedit_2_4341798532
Reflection #1….A very well know owner of a major lure company who by the way always catches monster fish in Texas related this story. I asked him how the fishing been because he usally is showing off massive size fish. His answer was……life situations always take a front seat over catching a fish. Seems an old friend of his had cancer and needed to be set up in a place that could take care of his needs. He took matters in his own hands and did what friends do…….

Hi my name is Danny Barker I'm a NorCal tranplant living in North Central FL Ocala to be exact. I cut my teeth fishing the Cailf Delta, Clear Lake and Folsom Lake for 40 years, some of the best bass fishing waters in the country. My personal best 14.63 lb LM was caught and released on Folsom Lake which ranks in the top 5 fish ever caught on the lake. I've been in FL for 5 years now and love it here, the bass fishing here is outstanding as well. My main focus will be targeting big fish with an emphasis on catch and release and resource management. I want to help all the guys and gals out there looking to catch their personal best bass. This area is loaded with huge fish and I'm looking forward to helping each of us in our pursuit of big bass. Danny Barker
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