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ICAST day 2

by: Michael Guiles 7/22/2014
The second day was just as exciting as the first. I finished going through the second half of the event. When I went to the far end of the show it made me think of our Colorado members. It was all about fly fishing there were a lot of booths with rods, reels, lines and a ton of fly making booths. The biggest eye opener was the casting pool it looked to be the size of a football field. There was plenty of room for multiple people to try out the different equipment all at the same time. In front was a shallow pool so that you could see the baits action and there was plenty of room behind so as to not impede the casts. I was sort of jealous because I have not used a fly rod since I was in my early teens (quite a while ago).

I was like a kid in a candy store there was so many different vendors with so many new products I was overwhelmed. The show was an example of how fishing is world wide, people from different nations had booths set up showing off the new inventions they created. There was new styles of outer wear, from shorts to tournament looking shirts that the pros wear. Again the kayak nation was in full bloom with a lot of boats that I can only think the most avid of kayakers would use. There was one bait I liked and will be trying in the near future, it was made by Live Target giving the image of a small school of bait fish all in one lure (picture below). New plastic baits were everywhere, some have new scents and additives others will break down over time to help save fish.

I saw a lot of new scents to be added to your lures and plastics. There was one in particular I am going to try, it was made from the actual bait it is supposed to represent. A small dab was put on the back of a spoon so you could see the pieces of ground up bait in the gel. This will be one of the many items I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. Once I told the salespeople that I would like to test their product and possibly write a review they were quick to give me a sample. So keep your eyes open for some new product review in the months to come.
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