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Lake Toho July 2014 tournament

by: Michael Guiles 7/22/2014
A great time on Lake Toho. The rain held off until the tournament was over. We were a little rushed at weigh-in because of the dark clouds and thunder approaching, but we got it done just in time. The day was very hot, I have not drank so many liquids in one tournament before. I went through two gator aid drinks, two bottles of water and the melted ice in the cooler. Needless to say the beers went down very quick at the weigh-in. Next month I will pack a few more bottles of water just to make sure I keep hydrated with the August heat.

The fishing was excellent, fourteen out of the eighteen teams had their five fish limit. There were six fish that weighed in at over six pounds and the biggest of them was 8.18 pounds caught by Larry Petty. The big bag for the tournament was 23.96 pounds caught by Gary Thompson and Buddy Cohrs. Gary said they locked through then ran down and fished Lake Kissimmee. This proved to be the right choice giving Gary his third first place win in three consecutive tournaments. We will have to see what happens next month on the St Johns River. There were two teams that weighed in at 20.38 pounds but one had a dead fish and received a quarter pound penalty. The two teams were Mike Sikes and Travis Kett, the second team with the penalty was Larry Petty and Larry Maltby. Fourth place was a respectable 19.78 pounds caught by Mark Sills and Rob Williams.

Next months tournament will be out of Crows Bluff on the St Johns River. I am sure most teams will be headed north to Lakes Dexter and Woodruf. Some teams will fish South to Lake Beresford and the river itself between Blue Springs and the ramp. Hopefully the thunderstorms will hold off until after we weigh-in but I don't hold much hope based on the last few days. Rain has been kicking off at around one in the afternoon.
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Member comments
pizzapatty, FL   7/28/2014 2:27:30 PM
A lot of nice bass there. Hope to see more in the future.
Michael Guiles
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