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Going Green.....with the NuCanoe !

by: Danny Barker 10/2/2013

Off in the distance I hear a huge blow up and can only imagine the size of that fish! The problem is a 20ft Bass Boat isnít able to fish those shallow waters. This leads me to my blog which will document over the course of time my transition from a big bass boat to the green powered NuCanoe, which is a Hybrid canoe/kayak. Last year at ICAST I met Blake Young owner of NuCanoe and after some discussions we agreed to join forces on a promotional agreement. Iím officially on the NuCanoe team!


  I was immediately impressed with the NuCanoe for many reasons. Hereís a few that caught my eyeÖ. Stability: whether standing or sitting, entering or exiting, fishing or paddling, the stability of NuCanoe felt great! Next, Comfort: by sitting high youíll stay dry with your choice of seat style. VERSATILITY: Solo or tandem. Paddle, oar, or motor. Lake, river, bay, or ocean. The choices are yours! Finally itís CUSTOMIZABLE: Enjoy the freedom to outfit your boat how you want, and change it up whenever you want.


 The day arrived for me to pick up the NuCanoe; I chose the Frontier 12 ft Tandem Bass Angler. Itís a stable fishing platform unlike any other canoe/kayaks that Iíve seen. Needless to say I was anxious to get started outfitting it with all the accessories. Whatís impressive is that most everything is modular and is designed around the tracking system know as the freedom track which runs the length of the boat. The seats move easily in and out, along with the slide mount and the standing bar. The slide mount has 3 Mighty Mounts and Transducer Arm for your Fish or Depth Finder. The Transducer Arm positions your transducer over the gunwale in the water, and the display unit secures in a Mighty Mount, keeping everything in one place. I like standing when Iím bass fishing and the Frontier Casting Bar gives you a little something to rest on plus holds your paddle. It works in the Freedom Track and folds forward when you donít need it and has foam grips.


So this starts my blog on going green and accessing water I only could dream about before the NuCanoe. As we go along start looking for some awesome fishing adventures and off the chart pictures with videos! Until next time, Stay on EmÖ..

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