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Lake Toho July tournament

by: Michael Guiles 7/22/2013
Last weekend our monthly tournament was on Lake Toho and the fishing was hot. There was a forty percent chance of rain but it held off until after the weigh in. The morning started off great we had our limit within an hour and a lot of boats around us stayed hooked up. There was only a slight breeze so fishing was not that tough. The thunderstorms started around two, just before our 3:00 weigh in.

Like I said the fishing was hot on the main lake with few teams locking through to the other lakes in the chain. Only five teams didn't have their five fish limit. There were three teams that stood out over  the others with more than 20 pounds each. The winning weight went to the team of Jesse Rudolph and Zack Ford with a 26.53 pound sack. Second was taken by Stan and Cindy Hunsinger with a respectable 25.2 pound bag. This was their first limit over twenty pounds, Stan also had big fish weighing in at 8.85 pounds. The eight seven fish caught that day weighed in at 238 pounds.

I have to give a lot of thanks to some locals for sharing some information. We went to pre-fish the Tuesday before the tournament and ran into some locals fishing. There was one that was catching quite a few so when he started moving off I rode over and asked him what he was using and the color. Much to my surprise he shared that information and that is what worked the best in our tournament. It did not end there because we went over to another area and a local came up to us and did one better. After telling him we were going to be in a tournament coming up, he took us to one of his favorite spots and showed us exactly where to fish. This just goes to show not everyone has to be so secretive, there is a lot of water out there and plenty of places to fish.

I also want to thank Richardson's Fish Camp for all their hospitality. We usually launch out of the Kissimmee City Docks but with all the construction we did not want to waste all that time at the launch. Hopefully for our next trip to Lake Toho, we will again go out of the fish camp. The lake was very clear and the grass was thick mainly along the shoreline. We were not alone three other tournaments shared the lake with us. They came from the southern end, out of Whaleys and Southport ramps.

So next month we are back on the St John's River out of Crows Bluff. I am sure this will result in a batch of new teams coming out of the woodwork. It seems a lot of locals just fish the river tournaments. Until then have fun and be safe.
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