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June 2013 St Johns River Tournament

by: Michael Guiles 6/26/2013
This month our club tournament was out of the Astor Public Ramp on the St Johns River.The weather did not look good on the ride over to the river. There was rain for the last 30 minutes of the ride to the ramp with lightning and thunder everywhere. It just looked ominous with only an hour before the tournament was to kick off. Fortunately the weather gods prevailed and everything cleared by safe light. It was just great timing. As the day progressed the humidity was high and there always seemed to be dark clouds in the distance.

There was a good turn out for the tournament with twenty six teams showing up, the most so far this year. Most of the teams headed south to Lakes Dexter and Woodruf, with a scattered few heading north to Lake George. Heading south turned out to be the way to go because all the top teams went in that direction. I won't give any further details you will have to try these areas for yourself.

The total fish caught for the tournament was 103 with a staggering weight of 293 pounds. This is almost a three pound per fish average. Twenty teams had their five fish limits with four teams coming up with zeros. The winning weight was 22.41 pounds caught by Jose Denizac and Carlos Rivera. They just beat out the team of Larry and Larry by only .18 pounds. The big fish for the tournament was caught by Brian Heaberlin a fine 8.24 pound bass. There were three fish caught over the eight pound mark. Most of the teams weights were still respectable between 10 and 14 pounds.

Next month our tournament will be on West Lake Toho but there will be a ramp change due to all the construction at the Kissimmee city ramp. We will be going out of the Richardsons fish camp. Hope to see another great turn out and big catch.
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