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Lake Monroe May 2013 tournament

by: Michael Guiles 5/21/2013
We just had our monthly tournament on Lake Monroe out of the Lake Monroe Park ramp. The weather held off, with hardly any wind keeping the lake flat and you didn't end up getting soaked as usual coming across late in the day.

The turn out was like most with 21 boats fishing. A lot of the club members ended up fishing another tournament but we had seven teams sign up at the launch. One boat left early so the twenty boats staying until the 3:00 weigh in produced a respectable 96 fish. All but two of the teams had their five fish limits. The winning sack of 20.80 pounds came from Gary Thompson and Scott Burnette. They caught their fish on Lake Monroe with most coming early on Gary's secret worm. We can't let everyone know what it was but if you know Gary you know what it was. Some teams stayed on the river and had good luck there as well. The early bite was good, my team had our limit and were culling the smaller fish by 7:00, less that a hour after launch.

This year we made a new club rule that dead fish cannot qualify for big fish. The team of Jose Denizac and Ricky Riera had a nice 8.12 pound bass but it was not eligible for the prize, this was their only dead fish. The next big fish was 7.34 pounds caught by Robert Harrol first thing in the morning on a devils horse, this one fish made up half of their limits weight. He was lucky beating out the next big fish of 7.32 pounds a mere .02 pound difference.

Next month our tournament is again on the St Johns River but this time out of the Astor public ramp. Hope to see you all there and until then good fishing.
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