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St Johns River tournament Feb 2013

by: Michael Guiles 2/24/2013
Our clubs monthly tournament was on the St Johns River out of Mullet Lake Park. We got lucky with the weather because the front that was supposed to bring the temperature down to the thirties held off for a day. It was still a bit cold but upper forties is better than lower thirties, the wind did not help as it got pretty gusty as the day went on. I know those that went across Lake Monroe probably had one rough ride back to weigh in.

The fishing was good with eighteen of the twenty one teams having limits. There were ninety fish weighing over 240 pounds. That is a good day by any standards. The winning weight was just over 21 pounds and the big fish was 8.95 pounds. Fourteen of the eighteen limits were over ten pounds, making the average weight pretty good.

One team blew a motor within a mile of the launch but still had a limit over fourteen pounds. This just shows that you don't have to run far to get some good fish. Not only that but they were back to the launch almost two hours early. We helped them back because their trolling motor was just about out of steam and the wind was getting very strong.

Next month is our classic so it is up in the air on what location we will be fishing. We have four options on the St Johns River and three lakes to pick from. Hopefully the weather will hold off and we can have a great tournament.
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