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Review : California Reservoir Lures invades Florida...

Guest Blog by: Danny Barker 2/12/2013

   When i moved to Florida from California six years ago I wondered if the bass would eat the same kind of baits? The answer is absolutely yes and that's where California Reservoir Lures comes into play they produce tournament grade bass jigs and swimbaits made in Northern California. Serveral CRL baits have been producing in Florida as well...... first is The Weightless Slim Thrashers an awesome hand poured swimbait that can be fished in a number of ways. The bait can be fished weedless with a 8/0 belly weight screwlock hook or  with a swimbait head at all depths. But the best thing is rigging them on the new spreader rigs. Create your own school of baitfish and hold on! The next one is a bed fishing jig called the Bed Wetter all the jigs are hand tied with both live rubber or silicone your choice.Bed Wetter's" are especially designed for sight fishing. They are made in both live rubber and silicone. All baits are hand tied on barkier style heads. Sizes available are 3/8 and 1/2 ounce and they come with both light wire and heavy flipping hook. The Grass / swim jigs series are made on bullet heads with 4/0 28 degree heavy Mustad Ultra Point Hooks. They are all hand tied because we all have tendencies to beat this style of jig on the water to remove grass. These jigs come in both an all silicone 55 strand skirt or a live rubber / silicone mix. Whether you are pitching to weeds and grass or swimming through the cover these jigs are the ticket. Available in 3/8 and 1/2 once sizes. They can be ordered with rattles too.

  Mean while back in California some monster bass are being caught on their products which would include a new lake record 15.2 caught at  Lake Camanche, Ca. and serveral nice fish I've caught here in North Central Florida. Check out the pictures below. California Reservoir Lures are putting up some great fish catches coast to coast , check out the website for a huge list of bass catching products.

  California Reservoir Lures website...

CRL Facebook link..... 

Until next time….Stay on Em!






Hi my name is Danny Barker I'm a NorCal tranplant living in North Central FL Ocala to be exact. I cut my teeth fishing the Cailf Delta, Clear Lake and Folsom Lake for 40 years, some of the best bass fishing waters in the country. My personal best 14.63 lb LM was caught and released on Folsom Lake which ranks in the top 5 fish ever caught on the lake. I've been in FL for 5 years now and love it here, the bass fishing here is outstanding as well. My main focus will be targeting big fish with an emphasis on catch and release and resource management. I want to help all the guys and gals out there looking to catch their personal best bass. This area is loaded with huge fish and I'm looking forward to helping each of us in our pursuit of big bass. Danny Barker
Weightless Slim ThrasherBed Wetterlake record bass
CRL Florida Toad
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Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   2/12/2013 5:06:39 PM
Weren't the Southern California bass stocked from Florida strain largemouths? Still shows somewhat, a bass is bass no matter where it lives. Nice review. Thanks
Danny Barker (dbbasser), FL   2/12/2013 5:50:37 PM
You're correct Flyrodn, the only difference being is that in Calif they live on a diet of bass candy called rainbow trout :)Thanks for the comment its appreciated......
Danny Barker
Guest Blogger