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Bed Fishing Lake Monroe

by: Michael Guiles 1/29/2013
Every spring I go over to Lake Monroe during the full moons in January and February. During these periods I always seem to find some bass either going up to or on the beds. My best luck has always been along the I-4 corridor, But anywhere around the lake can produce some very nice fish.

Much to my disappointment all the vegetation along I-4 and around the corner to the old power plant has been killed off by spraying. I know it has to be done but this sure has made a negative impact on bed fishing this area. We saw very few signs of any bedding bass because where they normally set up, there was no longer any protection for them. The eel grass was gone and the pads were dead. There were a couple of other boats out looking but they felt the same and left shortly afterwards. Hopefully next year will be a lot better.

If you are fishing the lake there are still some other areas with healthy eel grass and pads. You may want to try them.
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Member comments
Fishing Bob, FL   2/7/2013 10:30:07 AM
I wanted to ask about bedding bass. I am fairly new to FL fishing and last season I found very few bedding fish. In GA I could find them everywhere. It seems like fish will bed in deeper water here. True?
Michael Guiles
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