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Cormorant vs. Largemouth

Guest Blog by: Danny Barker 1/19/2013



A marauding Cormorant was diving into the depths of a lily pad field and coming up eating one pound bass like candy! What is a cormorant?  

The cormorant is a prehistoric bird that has evolved into a sea bird that prefers freshwater fish. It has been called a nuisance bird, although the species should be appreciated for its fishing abilities.

  The Florida cormorant can dive very deep into the water, making it a great hunter of fish as a food source. They swallow the fish whole down into their throats, so it is hard for the fish to get away. This leads me to my story ……. 

 I saw something for the first time that blew me away. While fishing a point on the Withlacoochee River in FL, I noticed a fish around 8 pounds swimming by the lily pads. I grab my Senko rod and pitch my bait near the fish and she didn’t even give it a glance. Out of the corner of my eye I see a cormorant working its way to the point in search of dinner. The bird proceeds to pluck off small bass after small bass, coming up chomping them down like snacks. Keep in mind this is all happening in front me by only 20-30 feet.  It was at this point the bird turned and went deep into the pads. Seconds later the cormorant appears with two huge Bass chasing it out. The tables had been turn and now it was the prey! Thinking on the fly I make a cast to all the commotion and the once spooky bass is an attack mode and just hammers my Senko, Fish On. The hot fish now hooked up makes a couple of head shakes and then beelines it into the pads needless to say I never had a chance !   

  It just amazes me to see events happen for the first time, just when you think you’ve seen it all WOW!  I have come to the conclusion that Bass are some unbelievably fast and fearless creatures.

On a side note : The bass fishing here in N. Central Fl has the fish staging for the spawn which is a little early due to a hotter than normal January. Hope everyone has a great 2013 until next time Stay on Em!   


Hi my name is Danny Barker I'm a NorCal tranplant living in North Central FL Ocala to be exact. I cut my teeth fishing the Cailf Delta, Clear Lake and Folsom Lake for 40 years, some of the best bass fishing waters in the country. My personal best 14.63 lb LM was caught and released on Folsom Lake which ranks in the top 5 fish ever caught on the lake. I've been in FL for 5 years now and love it here, the bass fishing here is outstanding as well. My main focus will be targeting big fish with an emphasis on catch and release and resource management. I want to help all the guys and gals out there looking to catch their personal best bass. This area is loaded with huge fish and I'm looking forward to helping each of us in our pursuit of big bass. Danny Barker
This is an Anhinga which are cousins to the cormorants....
Blog content © Danny Barker
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   1/20/2013 8:19:31 AM
Heard of pike eating birds, but bass!
elkinthebag, CO   1/20/2013 10:57:33 AM
That's great a little fish revenge on a full size killer. I have seen bass, pike, tigers and one brown trout take down baby ducks. Never have seen one go after a full size bird. And did I read that right bass spawn in January. Almost makes me wanna fly to Florida I got another 4 months before they think about it here.
spicyhombre, CO   1/20/2013 11:34:46 AM
Gotta love Bass. Check out this website for a Bass lure that is a bird.
ol Uncle Marty, CO   1/20/2013 1:11:09 PM
Cormorants also know to go after fish on stringers...
IceFishingFool, CO   1/20/2013 5:06:44 PM
Catfish will go after birds too !
Danny Barker
Guest Blogger