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East Lake Toho Tournament 2013

by: Michael Guiles 1/17/2013
Our monthly club tournament was on East Lake Toho. When we got to the boat ramp there was another tournament getting ready to launch. It was a club called the West Coast Couples. When we took off the lake was pretty clear even though for most of the drive over there it was very foggy. Unfortunately we did not have a chance to pre-fish so going out on the lake was a bit of a mystery. When we came off plane in our normal fishing area we were surrounded with thick pepper grass. The trolling motor was having a difficult time cutting through the heavy brush so we quickly searched out a small area to get up on plain and left this grass flats. Our next plan of attack was Fells Cove that never seems to have any thick grass. When we came out of the canal onto the lake you could only see about fifty yards, here was the fog we had been experiencing, but at least there was no thick grass. The rest of the day was very good for fishing when the fog disappeared there was little wind  to mess up the lake.

The turnout for the tournament was pretty good with twenty one boats showing up. There was ninety two fish caught for a total weight of one hundred seventy two pounds. The winners were Scott George and Buddy Cohrs with a good sack at fifteen and a half pounds. Scott also had big fish at eight point zero eight pounds, congratulation on a nice fish, picture below is with Buddy holding the big fish of the day. Late in the day many teams started seeing some big fish moving up to beds. I guess it is time to start looking for those big fish on beds for the next couple of months. The top six teams all had weight over ten pounds, this is more than normal on this lake for our club. This was also the first time fishing here in January, maybe that had something to do with it. When the tournament was over many were complaining as usual about the lake but I think it produces some nice size bass and good quantities.

Our next tournament is on the St John's River out of the Mullet Lake Park ramp. This tournament tends to pick up some nice fish because it is in the middle of the bedding season. The one problem this year is it will be on the new moon not near the full moon. This time I know there will be some pre-fishing and hopefully it will pan out. See you on the water.
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Flyrodn, CO   1/17/2013 12:11:59 PM
That's one nice bass
Michael Guiles
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