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Come on Man !

Guest Blog by: Danny Barker 11/14/2012

"Excuse me can I get around you to fish that spot at the end of the canal?"

"Youíve got to be kidding me," I say in my best John McEnroe imitation.

This actually happened one day while fishing on the Withlacoochee River. The canal is about 35 ft across and dead ends about 50 yards back. I had just start fishing and was working my way to back, when a guy in a bass boat comes in and tries to get by me.

I told him that he could have it when I leave and he proceeded to complain, saying that I didn't own the water and so on and so on. Because he couldn't get around me -- I had my boat positioned length-wise across the canal -- he finally left in a huff.

The point here is: When someone is in an area or on a spot, be polite, and give them lots of room...You can always come back later. Weíre seeing this type of behavior I encountered in the canal more and more on the water and, for that matter, during tournaments. So much more often that I have to ask, "What happened to etiquette?" Iím not talking about a weekend angler who has no clue here. Iím talking about people who know better!

When Iím fishing and I see someone fishing a spot or area, I always go to my next location. I do this because I respect my fellow anglers, and because lifeís too short to spend a day on the water with these kinds of conflicts. Occasionally, Iíll be fishing when there's a tournament going on. If the folks fishing it approach me in a respectful manner and ask if they can fish through, I let them do so.

For me, itís all about enjoying the great outdoors, forgetting your troubles for a short while, and sometimes, keeping an eye out for people in need of help. One day, coming back in off the river I saw an older man and woman using an oar. Something told me to go check, and sure enough they had no power. I was able to tow them back to the ramp, which was 3 miles away. Pay it forward.

Also the ramp can be a source of stress. I use to get so mad at some of the stuff that happens and to be honest at times I still do. Now though, if I see someone having a hard time or just plain being clueless, Iíll get out and offer to help. Most of the time theyíre thrilled that someone is willing to help them out.

So, stay calm as there is nothing like spending a great day on the water and have it ruined at the ramp.

Letís all try and get along on the water. Why not give everyone some space, help each other out, share a bait with a kid, load up an older personís boat at the ramp and just have fun. We have one life... letís fish it in peaceÖ

Until Next TimeÖStay on em!

Hi my name is Danny Barker I'm a NorCal tranplant living in North Central FL Ocala to be exact. I cut my teeth fishing the Cailf Delta, Clear Lake and Folsom Lake for 40 years, some of the best bass fishing waters in the country. My personal best 14.63 lb LM was caught and released on Folsom Lake which ranks in the top 5 fish ever caught on the lake. I've been in FL for 5 years now and love it here, the bass fishing here is outstanding as well. My main focus will be targeting big fish with an emphasis on catch and release and resource management. I want to help all the guys and gals out there looking to catch their personal best bass. This area is loaded with huge fish and I'm looking forward to helping each of us in our pursuit of big bass. Danny Barker
Blog content © Danny Barker
Member comments
Flyrodn, CO   11/15/2012 5:57:59 PM
Not uncommon, and it happens all the time. Boaters fishing too close to shore anglers, then a boater working an unoccupied section of shore only to have shore fishers walk right onto them. Folks fishing on boat ramps in lawn chairs while boats trying to use the water. Bass boats come in on top me in my kayak because they see me fly fishing and assume I'm trout fishing (wrong and doesn't matter) so it's ok as they're bass fishing, and .... The list is endless. Point well taken, no matter how we fish, tournament or no, we all need to respect the space of others. Thank you for the reminder.
JKaboom, CO   11/15/2012 9:42:07 PM
Great blog and I agree 1000%
hawghawler, FL   11/15/2012 10:56:13 PM
Just the other week I was about to launch my boat when an older man said can you help me. As I looked out about 100 feet to his boat floating away from the dock because he forgot to tie it off. Of course I said so I helped and he was plenty grateful. It always feels good to help others.
Coyute, CO   11/16/2012 10:40:57 AM
Aye, people can be dicks. It's funny how it's always the 'other guy' when you hear stories at the boat ramp. hehe
Bassackwards, CO   11/16/2012 10:46:29 AM
I was fishing out of alligator alley. I was fishing a 100yd stretch when a guide as his client try to muscle in on where I was fishing. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he basically told me to F off. Well after a couple of well placed cast on the side of his boat, his client asked to leave. Just sad.
Fishing Bob, FL   12/4/2012 9:46:42 PM
I had a situation on Lake Hernando last about 15 bass boats came full speed to the ramp and I was fishing a grass island (catching bass quickly) I had 3 boats come between me and the grass I was fishing at full speed. There was a huge area of lake on the other side of me but these 3 chose to blow right over the very spot I was fishing. I thought I was in the twilight zone. We are all fishing for the same reason whether it is a tournament of just a casual day...enjoyment. Let's be aware of each others space out on the water and enjoy our fishing time.
Danny Barker
Guest Blogger