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FWC electofishing St John's River

by: Michael Guiles 2/8/2012
A week ago I was out fishing the St John's River when I came across a strange looking boat with three guys working the edge of the river. The boat was strange in that there was these two polls with loops on the end of them and what ended up being wires dangling into the water. Then it came to me, I think they are electro-fishing. The two men on the front had nets and were leaning over the bow on a railing. As they went along the shoreline they were just scooping up fish and putting them into the boat with the third person was maneuvering them in and out of the trees that had fallen into the river. I imagine there is a live well because the fish still looked to be alive.

When I got back to the boat launch there was the FWC truck and trailer. This confirmed my earlier assumptions. I am going to have to follow up with the local FWC administrator to find out what their results were. They were doing this a couple of miles north of Lake Harney in Volusia County. I wish my camera was with me because a picture is worth a thousand words and you would have to see a picture to really understand what this boat looked.
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Member comments
love2flyfish, CO   2/8/2012 1:28:53 PM
I have always wanted to see this done, but I did get to see some huge walleye being brought back from the boats to a holding tank in Colorado. Did you happen to find out what species they were studying?
Flyrodn, CO   2/10/2012 11:38:01 AM
I had the privilege of attending a demonstration where the Colorado fish and game electro-shocked a river. I was amazed at all the different species that presented themselves. Anglers often only see a small fraction of what's in the water.
Michael Guiles
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