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Simple Things
I like the simple things. (10.04.14)
Life and death are part of ours lives. When a fellow angler departs this world, we can't help but morn our loss. Fishing partners are hard enough to come by as it is. But I guess, that's the price we pay for getting to fish another day. (10.03.14)
Casting Skills Do Pay Dividends
For many types of fishing, casting is an integral part of the game. Where casting is a core skill set, such as bass or fly fishing, it pays to hone your skills. Just make sure you're practicing good skill, and not reinforcing bad habits. (09.30.14)
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Lake Monroe by: hawghawler
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Channel cat fishing during the day
by Daris McKinnon
Catfishing is often thought of as a night time activity. In truth, anglers can do as well, if not better, fishing during daylight hours. Daris shows us how to get started.
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