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I'm fortunate enough to have grown up in a very patient family that constantly supported my growing fishing addiction. I started fishing for panfish and bass in Iowa with my Grandpa and stocker rainbows in Colorado with my Dad. Once I learned there was more to fishing than worms and powerbait I started to get fairly serious about the sport. I picked up flyfishing in my early teens and ice fishing a few years after that.

In college I had the privilege of fishing for Salmon and Steelhead in Indiana and Michigan rivers, as well as bass, panfish, and walleye. As a scientist I have had the unique ability to travel to remote parts of the world, fishing along the way. Over the next few years I will be working on my Master's degrees in Public Affairs and Environmental Science at Indiana University in Bloomington. I hope to bring my education back to the Colorado to help preserve the places we love to fish!

I grew up primarily a shore fishing guy but after buying my Wilderness Commander Kayak, I spend a lot more time off the bank now. I'm still learning all about this kayak fishing thing, and you can expect to see me at Colorado Kayak Fishing Club events trying to learn as much as I can!

Besides fishing, in my free time I go birdwatching, volunteer with the Division of Wildlife, or relax at a Rockies game. If you ever have any questions contact me through the skipper link, I'm happy to help or just have a discussion about fishing. Tight lines!

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