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My name is Jason and I moved to Colorado Springs from Michigan with my family in 1991 when I was 17 years old. I have been fishing since I was about 6 years old and my earliest memories of fishing were at a place we called swimminghole lake by Wixom Michigan. It was just a small pond in a large rural park with sunfish mostly and we would swim, fish, and picnic it was great. That was a time when the most important things in life were playing and what was for dinner.

I was fortunate enough to live very close to some lakes in Michigan and lived on one lake for a couple of years. I really got into fishing and hunting until we left Michigan. My dad introduced me to fishing but I became far more envolved with fishing, hunting, and the Outdoors than he. I am so happy that I was introduced to the outdoors and encouraged by my family to do that which I enjoyed.

One of my biggest influences for fishing and hunding was a man by the name of Fred Trost who produced a show called Michigan Outdoors on PBS in Michigan. He was an every sportsman's sportsman and a regular kind of guy. The focus of his show was stewardship of the outdoors and common sense hunting and fishing that was not super fancy and using tons of expensive equipment.

When I moved to Colorado it was with mixed emotions but I really like the mountains and the outdoors opportunities it had to offer. My first fishing trip in Colorado was to Rampart reservoir in 1990 and I remember when I was fishing with my brother "This is totally awesome and I now get to do what others only read about in magazines like Field and Stream anytime I want". I learned trout fishing and focused on Rampart, Nichols, Antero, Eleven Mile, and Rosemont reservoirs until just last year. I had only ice fished one time in 1999 at Eleven Mile and thought nobody really ice fished here in Colorado (we went during the week). In December of 2011 the ice fishing bug hit and I found FxR and joined in 12/27/2011. Shortly thereafter I became a an FXR+ member and then became a Lake Skipper July 1st 2013. I am learning about targeting other species besides trout starting last year and am a shore fisherman and an ice fisherman. I would like to get into fly fishing and also buy a boat (though it seems very expensive and a lot of work to have a boat in Colorado compared to Michigan).

NOTE: I have a pretty irregular fishing schedule as I work full time during the week and am on call half of the weekends. If there is any way I can help or you want to get together to fish, don't hesitate to contact me via my Skipper link.

NOTE: For the single fisher ladies or people who know a single fisher lady, contact me via my skipper link. This is half joking and half serious as I would really like to meet a good woman in Colorado who is interested in fishing, hunting (though I have not hunted Colorado yet), and the outdoors.

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