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Hello FishExplorer members, I'm Toadfish (Nate). I am a Colorado native and have been fishing since before I could walk. I come from a very outdoors oriented family and love being outside. My father and grandfather were fly fishermen and took it very seriously, it was more like a religion to them and it would seem it was genetic because I have the same trait.
My uncle has warm water running through his blood and taught me much of what I know about bass fishing (and all warm water species actually).
I am a stay at home dad and try to fish at least a few hours every day. I love being able to go 10 min. in a direction and fish for warm water species, or go 10 min the other direction and catch trout.
I have had the privilege of meeting several members and look forward to meeting many more. If you ever want to go fishing, or have a question please contact me and I will help as best I can or refer you another member that can. Thanks for reading this and tight lines!!

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