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My name is Dustin and fishing is not a sport to me itís a passion.

Iíve been fishing the Colorado Waters since I was about 7, my dad had taught me to sit on the shoreline with a worm and sinker on the bottom waiting for a fish to strike. From that point I was hooked, the feel of the slight tug from a troutís strike to the setting of the hook letting the fight begin was thrilling.

From those techniques I have stepped up my game to hard water fishing and soft water fishing. Every winter I am one of the poor souls that sit in 10 degree weather drilling holes trying to find a good school or a prime spot. After years of trying to perfect my ice fishing skills I had decided to up the game a little more and be competitive with other anglers. A couple of years ago I had entered my first tournament and all I can say is ďwowĒ the rush of getting a bite had just excelled to new levels.

I have spent the last couple of years learning new techniques with new jigs and lures that I have been able to apply to hard and soft water fishing. But soft water is different for me I prefer to take the boat out and just fish and have good times with friends. This also provides me the opportunity to learn a lake features and structures, although I am not a competitive soft water angler I still enjoy the friendly battles between friends.

I mostly target Trout, but recently starting learning how to fish for multiple species. This year marks my first year being a Lake Skipper and plan to learn as much as possible about Lake Dillion as I can.

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