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Though I'm no native, I've lived in Colorado for 40 years now, and though there are few places I haven't been, My favorite part of Colorado is the Longmont area. I've lived here for just over 10 years now and still have yet to see everything, and fish everywhere there is to go in the Northern front range.

I own a home- which I hope to have paid off before I die of old age. I have kids- who I hope will finish school, get sports scholarships and buy me a cabin on the shores of some wild Alaskan river far, far away from pesky friends and family. I have this fishing habit that sometimes cuts into my beer money so I started home brewing several years ago, And I haven't figured out how to actually make the beer I like any cheaper than I can buy it - but I still try.

I earned my nickname many years ago playing music at events and festivals, parties and charities.

I spend 2 3 times per week on the shorelines of rivers, streams and lakes and try to get in special trips once or twice per year to new waters that I've yet to fish. If your ever in the area, let's drop a line sometime. Always good to have a new fishin' buddy.

I can be reached at Please put FxR in the subject line so that I know your not a late uncle from Nigeria. (I never knew I had such a big family down there..)

Until then,

Tight lines!

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