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Hello everyone, my name is Chet Williams and im originally from Midland, Michigan. I lived there until I graduated high school and moved out here to beautiful Colorado.

I grew up fishing on all the lakes that Michigan has to offer. Mainly fishing for Perch, Walleye, Pike, Bluegill.. My favorite place was Au Gres, MI on the Lake Huron Coast line. We would troll for Walleye and slaughter them. I would have to say that walleye fishing is my favorite. When I caught my first "Colorado" Walleye, I have to admit I was a litte disappointed as there was no fight or size like back home. But its good to be fishing for them again. Im sure I'll hook a nice one soon.

I joined Colorado Walleye Association in 2010, and had an absolute blast fishing in the tournaments, but more importantly the people I met and the knowledge I learned were priceless. I am now the Vice President of the club.

I have recently been named to Skeeter Boats "State Team" and have been enjoying my new Skeeter WX1900 Deep V. What a boat for the price, they are going to give Ranger a run for their money!!

I look forward to meeting you guys, so if you ever need a fishing partner for the day, shoot me an email and we'll work something out.

Good Luck to all!!!


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