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I've been in Colorado since the summer of 1979. Fishing, and hunting, has been a passion of mine since as long as I can remember. I grew up in Chicago and through my youngest years, have been fortunate enough to be exposed to outdoor activities all of my life. We used to have a summer place in central Wisconsin where I would spend my summer school vacations on, and begain to hone my skills on Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Panfish, and Muskies.Both my Grandpa, and Dad would take me on trips throughout the midwest and Canada and the Great Lakes.

When I came to Colorado, I set my sights on fly fishing for Trout. Being in the west now gave me opportunities to expand my fishing horizons to something totaly new to me. Got my first fly fishing set up at Three Rivers Resort in Almont, CO and proceeded to learn as much as possible. I fly fished, almost exclusivly, for several years and was able to fish just about every major stream and river throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico. I tied my own flys, and even tried my hand at making rods.

As time went by, and trips back to the midwest, made me a little more homesick to fish for the species I grew up with, I started to find more and more oppurtunities here in Colorado to fish for Bass, Panfish, Northern Pike, and Walleye. I started getting involved with local fishing clubs, and joined the Denver Bassmasters. I also came to be involved with the Colorado Walleye Assoc., and was one of the charter members of the organization. In 1991, myself and a handful of guys, started the Colorado Chapter of Muskies Inc., which I am still the current president of. There was a time during this period that I would fish as many as 15 tournaments a year between all of the clubs, fished a few Pro-Am Walleye tournaments, and 4 international Muskie Tournaments. Met, and fished, with alot of great people over those years and have maintained freindships with many of them still to this day. I became active within all of the clubs, and held various board and commitie positions with each. I became more active when I began to represent club positions within the United Sportsmans Council. Political activism for sportsmans issues started to become more important during this time and I felt I needed to be a part of this. I can remember when some of our clubs got together with the DOW and started the Angler Roundtable meetings, which are still going strong today.

I have been a voluntier on a number of Walleye spawn operations, and have personaly planted thousands of Muskies in many of our waters. Have been a very actice participant with many of our youth programs and fishing derbys, and have always supported our clubs fund raising efforts. Although my active participation with the various clubs has waned over the years, my participation in fishing has never been stronger.

I average about 70 to 80 days fishing a year, icluding ice fishing, and have fished in about 10 different states, and 2 Canadian Provinces. I feel just as home casting 10" Jerk baits for Muskies on a big Canadian lake as I do casting dry flys for Browns and Rainbows on the South Platte River in Deckers.

I live in Castle Rock, CO, have been married for 23 years to my wife Lani, and have 1 daughter, Haley who is 15 years old. I consider Chatfield Res. my home water and have fished this lake for about 20 years. Pueblo is one of my favorite lakes to fish as well as Horsetooth, Horseshoe, and Quincy Res.

My favorite Fish? What ever happens to be on the end of my line that day!

Jeff Don

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