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Arvada ReservoirNear Arvada    

Status:  Log in or Register... 04.17.14
Water Tmp:  04.17.14
Level:  04.17.14
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Last Conditions Report for Arvada Reservoir: 04.17.14
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Lake Skipper: Ryan,  gone fishin
Fish Species in Arvada Reservoir:
Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, (Log in for full fish species list)
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Arvada Reservoir
Managing Agency: Surface Acres: Capacity AF: Elev:
City of Arvada Log in to view full details on lakes and rivers on
The Arvada/Blunn Reservoir site is open to the public for fishing, hiking, and boating. The reservoir serves as an important water source for the city of Arvada, supplying the city with 25% of its dri... Log in for full details...
Getting there: Between Highway 93 and Indiana Street on West 66th. From Denver take 6th Ave west to Golden. Go north on CO-93 to W. 66th Ave. Go right to the entrance on your left.
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Arvada Reservoir Stocking 2011 to 2013
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Lake Class: 1
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