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Lake: Wolford Mountain Reservoir

Slow going again

Post By: hunter creek      Posted: 8/9/2017 9:51:01 PM     Points: 1571    
I am consistent, if nothing else. I go to Wolford, try all the techniques that i hear of from year to year and catch a couple after trolling all day. The story this time is that the fish are deep and I can't reach them with leaded line. I keep trying because they are a challenge, but I may also be a good example of insanity as it seems I fail time after time. To those of you that kill them up there -- congratulations! As for me, I think I'll head to Blue Mesa and get a downrigger.
 Reply by: fishman1      Posted: 8/10/2017 6:44:06 AM     Points: 18852    
Hunter, how many feet (or colors) of leadcore do you have on your reel?

 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 8/10/2017 7:34:36 AM     Points: 2474    
Lots of ways to fish other than trolling.
 Reply by: hunter creek      Posted: 8/10/2017 7:54:24 AM     Points: 1571    
Fishman 1 -- I have 10 colors, but to be honest, it is only practical to go out 6 of them. I did try as many as 6.
Esox -- I know of no other way to catch salmon this time of the year. I know you can jig for them if you find a large school. I never seem to find a large school.
 Reply by: esoxrocks      Posted: 8/10/2017 8:57:01 AM     Points: 2474    
Yea, never been a troller...except in the midwest when we'll drag a live sucker behind the boat while we cast for Musky in the fall...not sure if that counts.

The guy I bought my boat from was a big Koke fisherman (Blue Mesa) and the boat came with a nice electric Cannon downrigger (that I removed) not to mention the huge pile of beer bottle caps the bilge area...heh
 Reply by: shiverfix      Posted: 8/10/2017 9:16:35 AM     Points: 3384    
I've done a little trolling. We were really figuring it out on the last day we were at flaming gorge. I haven't used lead, so I can't compare, but I think downriggers are great. I've used the downriggers from 20 feet to 60 feet or more. I could see how they could be more of a pain than lead, but once you get used to them they work pretty well. It is also easier to change depths quickly.
 Reply by: Ajax5240      Posted: 8/10/2017 10:44:12 AM     Points: 22424    
I used to do lead core, now that I have downriggers I don't know that I'd ever go back.

The depth control, ability to get back into the productive depth so much quicker, not spend 3 min slowly letting line out at .8mph.. and the return of fighting a fish on real line vs lead once hooked are just a few of the reasons.
 Reply by: MichaelP      Posted: 8/10/2017 6:23:35 PM     Points: 269    
The fish that are deep (40-50) have been difficult for me to catch there at almost any time of the year. Iv'e see guys do great jigging this time of year to those schools though.

Keep in mind that just because you don't see shallow fish on your finder doesn't mean they aren't there. A lot of times they are so shallow that they move out of the way of the boat when you go through them. I've done very well up there on planer boards in the mornings.

Bottom line is you need depth control and and speed control. I only get it from down riggers. Lead core is a shot in the dark. A couple of feet below them and its a no go.
 Reply by: Kokanee Bro      Posted: 8/14/2017 1:12:17 PM     Points: 233    
Yeah you don't get the giant schools at wolford like at Blue Mesa so you really need to know what you are doing to jig at wolford. Can't just pull up on an island of boats and expect to get into them like Blue Mesa. Ironically that is how Blue Mesa was this weekend--small schools. Still drew a ton of neighbors but nobody catching unless they were in a 10 foot window.