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Lake: Road Canyon Reservoir

Anyone Been Up There?

Post By: johnski      Posted: 4/3/2017 12:25:07 PM     Points: 3050    
My schedule has not allowed me to get up there but wondering if anyone else could give us a conditions report? Thanks
 Reply by: Senor Pescador      Posted: 4/4/2017 7:47:00 AM     Points: 40    
Hey John, I haven't been up there lately but when I go hopefully within the next couple of weeks I'll definitely give a report!
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 4/9/2017 1:30:04 PM     Points: 3050    
Thanks senor DG. Let me know what you hear.
 Reply by: johnski      Posted: 4/24/2017 6:52:16 AM     Points: 3050    
See conditions report. Open and ready to fish.....
 Reply by: the-fishing-guy      Posted: 4/24/2017 9:37:05 PM     Points: 145    
Finally about time.. Time to catch monsters