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Post By: kevtater      Posted: 1/19/2009 7:07:40 PM     Points: 315    
I'm curious what you all think about the urban legend dealing with spraying baits and lures with WD-40 to mask human scent. I'm aware it is a petroleum product, and therefore probably not good in water but I'm just curious.
 Reply by: Swimswithtrout      Posted: 1/19/2009 7:26:26 PM     Points: 149    
The only WD-40 I know of is this
 Reply by: Wojo      Posted: 1/19/2009 7:31:34 PM     Points: 67    
One night, a few years( 1976) ago, I went with two good ole boys from Brainard to troll the dam at Pueblo Reservoir. All they had in the boat was two ugly sticks with 10# test mono and a #5 shad rap. O yea, each had a can of WD-40 in their pockets. I had none. Good ole boys 21 walleyes me two missed hits. I can't say for sure, whether I just had a bad night or they were extremely lucky but something smelled and it was the WD-40 I personally like the Juice, Dr. Juice to be exact. Take it for what it's worth. May the force be with you!
 Reply by: kevtater      Posted: 1/19/2009 7:34:58 PM     Points: 315    
I know my grandpa swore by it, he had many stories like that!
 Reply by: Chadrok      Posted: 1/19/2009 7:35:24 PM     Points: 8852    
I heard this one before. The rumor is that it is made with some sort of fish oil and that attracts the fish. I looked on the website, and itís not considered toxic, but there is no mention of any of the ingredients being fish oil. I would probably stick to using other products made for attracting fish. Most of it will float off your lure as soon as it hits the water anyway.
 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/19/2009 8:53:07 PM     Points: 1840    
 Reply by: JED      Posted: 1/20/2009 8:25:54 AM     Points: 4264    
Growing up, I remember seeing wd-40 in lots of tackle boxes. My grandfather swore by it. I tried it a couple times, but for me I just can not justify using it, especially since there are many other products that can be used with the same or better results
 Reply by: ed0971      Posted: 1/20/2009 9:27:56 AM     Points: 87    
i have also heard of this i have been told it is not illegal but have also heard it is illegal
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 1/20/2009 10:05:23 AM     Points: 177082    
The question as to legality of using WD-40, I think hinges on whether or not its considered a toxic substance. The fact that it shouldn't be ingested and long term contact isn't recommended, probably isn't sufficient to prohibit its use, as lead meets those criteria and is generally allowed. I suspect many of the scents currently on the market might be as "toxic" as WD-40 if ingested.

Anyway, I posed the question to CDOW. It'll be interesting to hear their response.
 Reply by: ed0971      Posted: 1/20/2009 12:37:45 PM     Points: 87    
plz let us know Flyrodn im curious to see what they say
 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/20/2009 12:42:53 PM     Points: 1840    
I tried looking for the legality of it and cant find any thing on the internet... but supposedally it isnt good for the lake at all
 Reply by: TightLine      Posted: 1/20/2009 1:20:10 PM     Points: 563    
I've seen it make a huge difference.

 Reply by: nimiboyd      Posted: 1/20/2009 4:44:04 PM     Points: 1342    
I don't believe it is illegal although I'm sure its looked down on. I've also heard stories about the success of WD-40 I've never had any... I heard it makes worms wiggle like mad.
 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/20/2009 5:23:56 PM     Points: 1840    
i asked my bud who knows the regs pretty well and he said he thought it was illegal but he looked it up and its just like a scent attractor but u can get a ticket because some of the stuff in wd40 isnt good for the water therfore it poluting...
 Reply by: fish nut      Posted: 1/20/2009 5:30:54 PM     Points: 19    
i have heard that it workes real good and seen people use it on the east coast for bass and sunfish i have thought about it but value our water to much to use it
 Reply by: BCIII      Posted: 1/20/2009 6:06:49 PM     Points: 4879    
I tried to call one of the DOW biologists but he was out of the office.... Interesting question that caught my attention. I will try again tomorrow.
 Reply by: kevtater      Posted: 1/20/2009 7:17:42 PM     Points: 315    
I'll be curious to hear from the DOW about the legality of its use. I can't see it being much worse than boats with oily motors cruising around the lake.
 Reply by: chuck970      Posted: 1/20/2009 10:10:21 PM     Points: 167    
I have seen this before too.Probably has something to do with the rainbow trial it leaves behind in the water. Legal or not, i would never use something like wd-40 in our waters.
 Reply by: Danny      Posted: 1/20/2009 10:24:21 PM     Points: 467    
I love the stuff , use it all the time. I couldn't get a bolt loose the other day and sprayed some waited a minute and BUTTER,came right out,lol. Sorry couldn't resist.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 1/21/2009 3:55:56 PM     Points: 177082    
As promised.

Here's the question as I asked it.

"In reading the regulations and reading the hazard sheet on wd-40 the
question would seem to hinge on whether or not the product is deemed
toxic. I would guess many of the scents currently on the market might
also be as toxic as WD-40 if injested.

So the question is, is spraying a lure/bait (where scents are legal)
with wd-40 and then immediately fishing with it (using it as a fish
attractant) legal?"

And the answer is:

"We do not have a regulation preventing the use of WD-40 as a fish
attractant. WD-40 does contain chemicals which could possibly affect the
habitat in a negative way if used over an extended period of time. I am
not aware of any studies ongoing at this time regarding WD-40 and the
eco system. I would think the use of WD-40 would be more of a moral
issue at this time.

I believe you are probably correct in thinking there are products on
the market which have the ability to be toxic.

Bob Fisher
Colorado Division of Wildlife

Bottomline its legal.

 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/21/2009 4:05:06 PM     Points: 1840    
very intresting.... hint hint with the moral part though
 Reply by: JED      Posted: 1/21/2009 4:21:28 PM     Points: 4264    
So morally, maybe we should not use WD-40, but if we use an attractant(that has toxins) sold in a store then its okay? I personally dont use any of it, but if the wd 40 and the stuff in the store has possible toxic materials, then it would not matter which one someone uses? At least it was clarified by the DOW
 Reply by: firenfish      Posted: 1/21/2009 4:23:15 PM     Points: 69    
I had a guide on the Columbia river and he told me that the Indians use it all the time but he didn't want to ruin a lure to find out.
 Reply by: jbowen43      Posted: 1/21/2009 7:14:37 PM     Points: 282    
hot dogs soaked in WD 40 is supposed to be good catfish bait.
 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/21/2009 7:16:33 PM     Points: 1840    
thats a amazing idea! i bet that works
 Reply by: jerism      Posted: 1/21/2009 8:46:44 PM     Points: 162    
I've always wanted to try WD-40 But I get the guilt of it being illegal so I never have but I know some people that use it up a Crawford and they land Pike left and right. Now they say its because of the WD-40 but maybe It's just that lake who knows?
 Reply by: nimiboyd      Posted: 1/22/2009 1:18:06 AM     Points: 1342    
i knew it! looks like i'm going to have to use it sometime
 Reply by: Ankrum      Posted: 1/22/2009 5:33:11 AM     Points: 603    
Just think about this for a you soak your bait in WD-40, a fish comes up and hits but you miss him. As you pull up your jig or whatever it was on, you notice the fish got your bait. There is no way this can possibly be good for the fish to eat something laced in WD-40. Chances are, the fish will die. I do not condone anyone using WD-40, there is no way it can be healthy for the fishery.
 Reply by: JED      Posted: 1/22/2009 7:35:46 AM     Points: 4264    
I agree with your thought on a fish eating a laced(wd-40) bait, but at the same time what about some of those attractants they sell in the stores? They have some stuff in it, that surely is not healthy for a fish.
 Reply by: Dan Swanson      Posted: 1/22/2009 9:02:29 AM     Points: 1348    
What about fly floatant? How about a leadhead jig?
 Reply by: goosebuster      Posted: 1/22/2009 9:08:09 AM     Points: 1840    
flyfloatant is just lard if im correct
 Reply by: trollalong      Posted: 1/22/2009 9:27:17 AM     Points: 4572    
I think that this brings up some good points. I never thought about what I'm throwing in the water to catch fish. I'm going to look at all the stuff I use including the Glup products to see if it is something I feel I want to throw into the lake.
 Reply by: rod      Posted: 1/22/2009 6:46:13 PM     Points: 108    
Yeah, I'm thinking all that lead (jigheads and weights) is way worse than a little WD-40. Also, the air pollution on the front range is really bad. Time to start biking to the lake, if you really want to get that water clean. I've used the stuff for walleye- it can be effective. I personally can't stand Powerbait. I've cleaned several fish that were almost clogged up with that crap.
 Reply by: Flyrodn      Posted: 1/23/2009 11:09:28 AM     Points: 177082    
Good to see this thread getting folks thinking.

On the pollution thoughts, the Front Range (metro area) and SW corner of the state waters are most affected by air pollution. Primarily mercury disposition from power plants and vehicles. This was covered at the Anglers Round Table last Thursday by one of CDOW researchers.
 Reply by: pikeNcolorado      Posted: 1/26/2009 1:07:37 PM     Points: 15620    
The way I look at it is simple. ( Keep in mind I'm only 28) However, I would like to bring my grandkids to fish this beautiful state one day. With that being said, I'm not going to use it. I'm going to do what I always do, change up my lure or technique. Even if the fish aren't biting, I want the fishing to be even better as the years tac on. In other words, I'm not going to use, whether it's "okay" for OUR fish or OUR waters. But I have to admit, I really enjoyed reading all the response to this topic. It was good to hear and see that a lot of others are thinking about the future. Now if we can just conquer the dang Zebra.

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