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Alan Peak grew up fishing in the waters of Wisconsin and Minnesota. From a young age he dragged anyone and everyone to the lake so he could go fishing. Over the years Alan has fished many regions of the United States, from the Chesapeake Bay to Boundary Waters of Canada and south to Lake Mead, Nevada. His favorite, and most memorable fishing experience has been on Baby Lake in Northern Minnesota.

Alan guides all over the State of Colorado but calls The South Platte home. Working as a full time guide has afforded Alan to do what he truly loves, teaching and opening up the world of Fly Fishing to others. Go to the South Platte, there is a very good chance that is where he is! 2015 Alan introduced (719)Fly #3014 to Colorado to better take care of people wanting to learn how to fly fish.

In his off time he just enjoys taking a walk on uncharted waters across the state and country. Recently Alan has gone back to his home town to fly fish where most would only use spoons.

Contact Alan Peak anytime at or at his website

Photo Credit: Doug Hensel

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