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Wooden Part 2
-If I’m through learning, I’m through.- John Wooden is arguably the best basketball coach of all time, but that never kept him from continually learning about the game he loved so much. If someone as accomplished and brilliant as John Wooden was convin (Wednesday)
Wooden Part 1
You’d think that someone who has read thousands of magazine articles about fishing would feel impacted by them… For the most part I don’t. I've learned a great deal from reading fishing magazines for decades, but after a while I started to get burned o (Wednesday)
Fishing Differences between CO and MN
As the open water season closes and the lakes freeze up, I find myself reflecting on the last few fishing seasons. It’s been 6 months since my return to Minnesota and the 2 years before that I was living in Colorado. (12.09.14)
Third Annual Vets On Ice 12.08.14 by Buckendahl
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Antero Reservoir by: IceFishingFool
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Channel cat fishing during the day
by Daris McKinnon
Catfishing is often thought of as a night time activity. In truth, anglers can do as well, if not better, fishing during daylight hours. Daris shows us how to get started.
by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by Steelhead - by fargingicehole - 23" Cutbow 12/19/14by GoNe_FiShIn_11 - 12-17by GoNe_FiShIn_11 - by fargingicehole - 12/16/14by fargingicehole - 12/16/14by fargingicehole - 12/16/14by fargingicehole - 12/16/14 Ghost HDby fargingicehole - 12/16/14by fargingicehole - 12/16/14
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