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TodayNext Level Confidence
Confidence is a huge part of fishing success. I get a part of my fishing confidence from doing my homework on both the body of water Iím fishing and also the species Iím chasing. I get another part of my confidence from decades spent on the water. (Monday)
TodayFall Brown Trout. Night Time is the Right Time. (guest blog)
With the sun light diminishing and the dark settling in, I take a deep breathe of clean, fresh cool mountain air. Itís not about the Fall colors, or the bulls fighting, itís about top water Brown Trout. (Monday)
NewI'll take mine with no ice please and a side of giants.
So while ice fishing is certainly something I'll be doing here in the near future, there is no need to rush. Well maybe I should say no need to rush on a few lakes. The Larimer County lakes come to mind, IE Carter and Horsetooth. (Sunday)
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Dillon Reservoir by: sailfish
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Pictured: Eric Allee, Ronny Cast, John Stevens, Bobby Chauvin, Jim McFarland, JOHN FINNEY, Matt Snider, David Coulson, Tom McInerney, David HarrisonView a full listing of Colorado writers...
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Crankin' Early Springtime Bass
by Troy Coburn
Springtime brings people out of the woodwork to shake off their cabin fever. Troy discusses in this article how to present crankbaits to early season bass for success.
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