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RecentDoes Technology Take the Sport Out of Fishing
I'm going to admit that technology is a major part of my fishing, depth finders, modern, high tech rods, lines, and reels are just part of my equipment. Still with the advent of drones and some electronics is there a point where it's no longer sporting (Tuesday)
RecentWinter Fishing
I'm not much for winter fishing, but I still have to go fishing a few times each winter. HAVE to... (Tuesday)
Tying flies is a great way to pass the winter
Colorado offers year round fishing opportunities. While open water options exist, ice fishing is fantastic in Colorado. In my case, as I've aged ice fishing hold little appeal, whereas tying flies does. (01.12.17)
5th Annual Vets on Ice 01.11.17 by Clark
NewSt Vrain Multispecies 01.19.17 (2 replies)
New2017 YG/OG Ice-Off 01.19.17 (114 replies)
NewPiggies 01.19.17 (9 replies)
NewWolford dam access 01.19.17 (5 replies)
TodayAnyone fished Iola? 01.20.17 (2 replies)
NewAny updates on the ice/slush 01.19.17 (0 replies)
NewEarly season fly carpin 01.19.17 (8 replies)
NewSouth Park ICE OUT!!!!!!!!! 01.19.17 (113 replies)
NewIs it a sickness???? 01.19.17 (13 replies)
NewPlan B Produced Fish 01.19.17 (4 replies)
NewSt. Vrain Park Update 01.19.17 (17 replies)
NewGranby ice conditions 01.19.17 (2 replies)
NewNew to the Lake 01.19.17 (0 replies)
Newspud bar 01.19.17 (4 replies)
Recent Conditions Reports
South Platte - Downtown Denver by: jibber
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Early Ice
by Bernie Keefe
Why miss some great fishing waiting for six inches of ice, when properly approached early and late ice can be fished with minimal risk?
Early Ice by Bernie Keefe
Winter Fly Fishing by Terry Munfrada
First Ice Tactics by Bernie Keefe
by John John - Ypsilon Lake August 2016by John John - Ypsilon Greenback August 2016by John John - Cutty at Lake Haiyaha July 2016by John John - Lake Haiyaha July 2016by riper69 - Arapahoe bayby John John - Dream Lake Greenback Cutthroat 1/15/2017by John John - Dream Lake 1/15/2017by fargingicehole - 01/15/17by the fishing dj - New years night fishingby the fishing dj - New years night fishingby the fishing dj - Early ice at Boydby the fishing dj - Early ice at Boydby the fishing dj - Early ice at Boydby fargingicehole - by fargingicehole - 01/08/17by fargingicehole - 01/08/17
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