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TodayExpectation of Privacy
Fishing is a public activity, except when on private land. When fishing in a public place, do you have an expectation of privacy? (Friday)
TodayIs It OK to Bend Some Fishing Laws?
Cultural norms play a role in our behavior, regardless of the law. When it comes to fishing there are a number of rules that many seem to view as "bendable." (Friday)
NewPut It Up for All to See and "Big Brother" Will See It Too
Somehow I don't see "privacy" apply to folks who break the law and then have the gall to post their actions for whole world to see. Actually, a stupidity fine is probably in order in these cases. (Thursday)
TodayHelp and it is on the plus side. 05.22.15 (20 replies)
TodayGPS Maps 05.22.15 (2 replies)
TodayHey ColoradoRay 05.22.15 (0 replies)
TodayGranby line-up for August 05.22.15 (0 replies)
TodaySt. Vrain Update? 05.22.15 (0 replies)
Todaytoad,pig,maybe even monster 05.22.15 (17 replies)
TodayFront Range Football Bass 05.22.15 (7 replies)
TodayGranby Holiday Update. 05.22.15 (7 replies)
TodaySpinney Thursday 5/21 05.22.15 (5 replies)
TodayDOW Inspectors? Really?? 05.22.15 (15 replies)
TodayLake Update 05.22.15 (5 replies)
TodayTime and Dedication 05.22.15 (15 replies)
Todayboat trailer and two sonars 05.22.15 (3 replies)
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Big Thompson River - Loveland by: ultralightfanatic
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Safety on the Ice, Lessons from a Survivor
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This article is about Fish Explorer member Bud Everson, his fishing partner Howie, and an unforgettable trip to the ice at Chatfield Reservoir.
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