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NewCarpQuest S5E3 - Deeper Sonar and new PB Mirror Carp
In this week’s episode of CarpQuest we only had time for a very short afternoon session. Aided by a Deeper​ Smart Sonar Plus we quickly found the fish. A dozen carp landed, including four twenties, five mirror carp and a new PB mirror carp for me. (Monday)
New Conditions Reports Dynamic Lures Contest
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Dynamic Lures recently came out with a new Trout Spinnerbait that they’re really excited about and we're working with them to give some away. (Wednesday)
The best things in life are often right under our noses
Over the years I've encountered a number of folks who've commented, "I never thought about fly fishing here." Often, they live nearby. Always amazes me how many folks seem to think the grass is greener (fishing is better) elsewhere. (05.15.17)
Live Bait 05.13.17 by L Tackitt
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Recent Conditions Reports
Boyd Lake by: fishthumpre
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An Early Spring Recipe for Walleye Success in and Out of the Kitchen
by Ronny Cast
Walleye fishing picks up quickly once the ice comes off. Ronny provides insights on how to be successful catching spring walleye in part one of this series. Part two addresses ways to prepare them once caught.
by Achillesleigh101 - by Achillesleigh101 - by fargingicehole - 4th place CKFC Tournament 5/21/17by riper69 - Dangby riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by riper69 - by fargingicehole - 4th Place CKFC Tournament 05/21/17by fargingicehole - 4th Place CKFC Tournament 05/21/17by fishinmypants - 5.19.17by wagnut - by wagnut - by wagnut - by VincentGham101 - Didn`t weigh or measure it but it nearly took my pole into the water (4lb test) great fight. I released it right away. I caught it directly in front of the parking along the beach.
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