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Barker Reservoir
Located at the top of Boulder Canyon Barker Reservoir is the primary municipal water supply for the City of Boulder. Barker is primarily known for its stocked Rainbow Trout population. Public fishing is limited to the North and West shorelines.
Peterson Lake (Nederland)
Lake Isabelle - IPWA
You'll likely have a few non-angling visitors at this lake, but it's a great place to target some cruising fish. FEES
Arapahoe Lakes
Bob Lake - IPWA
Bob Lake fishes much like its partner, Betty Lake.
King Lake - IPWA
King Lake is guarded by the high ridge line of the Continental Divide, providing spectacular scenery with a dramatic backdrop.
Lost Lake - IPWA
Lost Lake isn't so lost as the name would suggest.
Rainbow Lakes - IPWA
Silver Lake
Lake is inactive.