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Shorts in November, Meetings on the Water

by: Matt Snider 11/14/2017

Went out fishing today after spending the morning working and putting together prize details on packages going into the FishExplorer Winter Giveaway that starts next week. Just needed to get out and walk around and whip some flies around since it was so sunny and nice out.  I caught a couple little rainbows and bass, then hooked into a nicer fish when a bearded fella came walking by.  As the fish ran I looked up and recognized him, and it turns out I had just been cropping his picture for a Winter Giveaway prize a couple hours earlier, FxR Skipper RKHancock. Just in time to grab his long handled net, which is quite convenient when landing fish over a tall railing, especially with not-so-stout tippet.   Note to self.

We chatted and fished then for about a half hour.  Fishing was slow, but time passes much easier when you've got someone to commiserate with.  Thanks RK for the net job over the railing!  And thanks again for the urban bass fishing trip you are contributing to the Winter Giveaway this year. 

So I left and continued on around the pond and ran into another familiar face - this time there was Bill Wilson of Centennial Bass Club, near his parked truck with bass boat in tow, heaving some sort of lure way out from the banks.  Turns out he was just passing a bit of time to go run an errand.  Good timing.  We chatted for a bit, which is always nice with Bill, one of the nicest fishermen you might meet and someone I've not caught up with in a while.  Turns out he's prepping for his holiday season, as you might infer from the photograph, as a party Santa. 

So the fishing was not super fantastic.  But the weather was, and being out fishing was nice.  However, the best thing about today was just running into these guys.  We can fish all we want by ourselves, and for most of us that is perfectly OK.  Some days, like today, I'd rather be taking time to chat with folks like this than pounding the water relentlessly!

Hopefully we'll see them at the FishExplorer "Barbs and Brews" Fly Tying Gathering at Horse & Dragon next Monday.  If you're thinking of coming, go register so we know how many to expect, it is free!

Lastly, if you have a prize package you'd like to contribute to the Winter Giveaway please contact me soon, I am wrapping up details this week, and we plan to start next week.


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Member comments
bron, CO   11/14/2017 9:09:49 PM
Thats really cool are looking fully recovered, happy, and healthy. RK is good people and he can catch fksh wnen noone else can, glad you met up.
anglerwannabe, CO   11/15/2017 6:59:13 AM
nice Matt
Coyute, CO   11/15/2017 8:56:57 AM
Seeing Dirty Bill always makes me smile. :)
Matt Snider (Matt), CO   11/15/2017 10:39:28 AM
Thanks Bron, getting there!
rkhancock, CO   11/15/2017 12:10:21 PM
It was nice to meet and talk today Matt! Thanks for the kind words Curtis
Matt Snider
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