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Finally, great electronic maps for all

by: Dan Swanson 7/1/2014
Finally, there are high quality digital maps of the more popular fishing lakes in the country including Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming and there are more to come.  Lowrance Insight Genesis Social Mapping is now available.  You can now view on your computer and download maps to use with your Lowrance HDS Gen 2 keypad and Touch units, Mark HDI and Elite HDI units.   

"Social Map starts with a base layer of contour data in gray scale and continuously replaces new areas of detailed map data as they are provided through public community uploads. This Social Map data is a combination of all public uploads to the same water body and is displayed in blue-scale. As consumers upload public data to Insight Genesis, they will be improving the Social Map for the benefit of all boaters."

Full Press release

Several users have been uploading their sonar logs to their Insight Genesis accounts (article link) and those logs that are not marked as private are now combined to make detailed  maps for all of us.  As more data are collected and uploaded these maps will be improved over time and more lakes will become available for all of us.

Many maps from around the country are now available for download.  In Colorado the following lakes are complete with 1 foot contour intervals: Cherry Creek Chatfield, North Catamount, Park Creek, Steamboat, Douglas, Lon Hagler, Lone Tree, Big Beaver and Monument.  Partial maps with varying coverage at this time are: Granby, Eleven Mile, Boyd, Grand Lake, Aurora, Union, Horsetooth, Ish, Pueblo, Tarryall, Trinidad, Williams Fork and Carter (full shoreline).  In Wyoming, Glendo, Boysen and Flaming Gorge partial maps are available.  See examples below of Chatfield and Cherry Creek computer screen shots and Lowrance HDS screenshots.

The cost is a $99 subscription that supports up to 4 Lowrance units (split the cost with some buddies).  The subscription includes unlimited downloads for a year - thousands of lakes across the country are in this database.
Chatfield computerChatfield HDSCherry Creek computer
Cherry Creek HDS 
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Member comments
IceFishingFool, CO   7/1/2014 9:36:56 PM
oh boy, more toys lol
fishingadam69, CO   7/4/2014 7:16:01 AM
are you going to get out this week to give it a try??
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   7/4/2014 7:35:22 AM
I have been using it on Boyd, Horsetooth and Glendo.
fishingadam69, CO   7/4/2014 8:06:18 AM
What about aurora or ish and union?? How good is it there??
IceFishingFool, CO   7/4/2014 8:07:36 AM
you have to buy the lake card first ? How does one get it ? Sign up online some place, then download the latest to a card ?
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   7/4/2014 8:19:34 AM
Go to and follow the links to Insight Genesis. Read the article linked from the blog.
Dan Swanson (Dan Swanson), CO   7/4/2014 8:32:01 AM
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