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A Different Set Of Goals

by: Eric Allee 12/28/2013

Usually this time of year Iím writing down my fishing goals for the upcoming year. Although the goals are different every year the overall theme is always the same. Up to this point in my life my fishing goals have all been selfish. A takers view on fishing if you willÖ. I write down a list of species and a measurable size that I have to best in order to meet the goal. I list at least one technique that I want to learn or improve on too. Basically my entire list has been selfish and concentrated on making ďmeĒ a better fisherman. It wasn't until after I was finished with my goals list for 2014 I realized ďmeĒ didn't make the list at all.

First and foremost I want to make an impact on kids spending more time in the outdoors and less time in front of a TV. I coach all my sonís football and basketball teams so Iím going to organize fishing trips where hopefully I can get the entire team to attend. I know it doesn't seem like taking 10 kids out fishing will make much of an impact, but I think it can be huge. It even one kid on the team enjoys himself enough to ask his parents to take him fishing again itís a win. If not at least I got the kids away from the xbox for an afternoon, still a win. Iím going to volunteer at as many kid fishing events as I possibly can, and hopefully help organize a few too.

I've always packed a few King Soopers bags whenever I go fishing and try to fill them with trash before I leave. At some ponds it makes a world of a difference and at others it doesn't make a dent, but itís a principal I believe in. Again whenever a cleanup is organized I will do whatever I can so my son and I both attend and bust our butts to get things looking how they should. Iíll also organize at least one cleanup at the lakes near me that need it most. I organized a cleanup a few years ago and we had 10 guys show up and even a few kids. We spent a couple hours picking up trash and it made a huge difference!

There are a few species in Colorado that aren't protected how many of us feel they should be. I want to organize a group of people that feel the same way so we can attend the round table meetings and present our views in a positive way and hopefully make an impact. I donít want to turn this blog into a heated debate so Iíll keep it short with this goal. 


What are some of your goals for 2014?

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Member comments
BiggieSmalls, CO   12/28/2013 11:28:27 AM
Eric, I admire that you are setting your sights on the future fisherman. I have grown a bit resentful, due to forums, and my ability to share knowledge has become difficult, due to witnessing some of the abuse that comes with sharing. What better thing to do with knowledge than to turn to kids. I have helped at some of the youth BASS, outings over the past 10 years, but have not participated in 2 years. This blog, has definitely given me a different perspective, on fishing. Cause if it wasn't for my uncle taking me fishing when I was 5 I don't know what my life would be like today. Fishing and the outdoors has truly saved me from so much potential troubles. (Still encountered enough lol). Thank you for sharing this!
BiggieSmalls, CO   12/28/2013 11:31:10 AM
And at the present time my goals are to become a more proficient fly fisherman, and hopefully take my nephew out fishing as my uncle did for me, he turns 5 soon. He already has interest in all the crazy lures I have in my tackle box.
OldMikkDale, CO   12/28/2013 11:38:32 AM
Great blog. I am starting a fishing club in Greeley targeting older people who do not have anyone to fish with. One who is helping me is a football coach and he is going to set up a program where we can help kids fishing. I have over 20 fishing rods and reels to help with both groups. With kids we have to make sure they are kept busy and they are getting needed help so we have to be careful of the number. We have a pond full of gills so they should be able to have fun. As you know it is so rewarding to help kids.
Eric Allee (TigerHunter), CO   12/28/2013 11:52:13 AM
BiggieSmalls: That's great!!! I'm sure your nephew will be forever grateful much like you are to your uncle! I'm heading off to fish now but I'll write back about your resentment after I get back...I understand, but I've also got a different perspective I'd like to share with you. OldMikkDale: That's wonderful! Make sure to keep us all updated on your club and I'll you've got a volunteer with me when you hold your kids events!
Neyet Stalker, CO   12/28/2013 2:03:28 PM
Well I can say over the past several years much of my attention went towards helping other shore anglers with walleye. I taught them everything freely enabling a shot at the "Big One"! Some of that did not end up so well! Some took it for granted! Going forward I am going to be more selfish. Concentrating efforts on catching "the Mother of All Pearls"! Don't know how long the ol' back is going to allow me to pound the shores? I would like to see something done to stop the snagging of spawning walleye at Chatty and Creek! Perhaps I can initiate something to get it done/stopped!
opencage, CO   12/28/2013 8:08:55 PM
I think the physical process of writing things out is important. Even as a elementary school tech teacher, I still believe in teaching cursive and it's effectiveness in improving reading and writing. Writing out, even typing, fishing goals is a great way to focus yourself for the season. Taking bags, helping kids, this whole blog is full of good ideas. Thanks Eric.
skiman, CO   12/30/2013 6:34:07 AM
MY goal is to take my physically challenged son/grandson fishing for the first time. He's 13 now, and I think it's time. He may enjoy it, then again he may not, it's all up to him. The important thing is that he at least has the experience. I am a firm believer that there are no disabilities...there are just "different" abilities. Good Fishing! Ski
Coyute, CO   12/30/2013 8:28:07 AM
Commendable. If you need a helping hand, let me know.
Coyute, CO   12/30/2013 8:29:26 AM
Being selfish isn't always a bad thing. :)
Eric Allee (TigerHunter), CO   12/30/2013 11:19:42 AM
Nightstalker that's great that you've been so generous with your knowledge. I know the guys that you helped really appreciate it. I always follow your posts even though I'm not very vocal on the forum. That's a shame about people snagging spawning eyes! Hopefully we can get something done to stop it asap! I fish for Tigers quite a bit and I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen someone trying to snag a Tiger in shallow water. It's amazing some of the lame excuses they come up with when you ask them what they're doing. Tom I couldn't agree more! Skiman: That's great you plan on taking your son/grandson fishing this year! Any particular spots you have in mind? Coyute I agree... fishing trips for myself are usually spent getting as far away from everyone else as I possibly can. It's not that I don't like people, I just like nature more.
skiman, CO   12/30/2013 3:28:35 PM
Eric... It will be somewhere that either has an access for a wheelchair, or an easy bank approach. Pueblo Reservoir or maybe even Brush Hollow if I can get close enough. I'll find a place, even if it's the Duck Park! Good Fishing! Ski
Tiny Stevens, CO   1/13/2014 1:29:38 AM
Very good Blog Eric! I am always available to you if you require help, or bouncing ideas off me or whatever! Tiny
Jacob J, CO   1/13/2014 6:37:40 AM
Eric, to have kids going outside instead of sitting by the TV is excellent idea combined with learning process about nature, fishing, environmental conciseness is priceless. I am carrying KS bags all the time and first thing I do before casting is tying that bag to on of my rod holders. Before I leave, I am using one of my two approaches: if fishing spot populated, I am picking trash in 20-30 feet around my spot, or if I am alone, I am trying to get my bag full. On one occasion I noticed that people copied me. As to last paragraph - yes, yes and yes. We have a lot to address with people who are in charge of nature preservation Thanks for great reading.
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