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Understanding Walleye and Perch Ice Lures

Guest Blog by: David Harrison 12/19/2013

There are three types of spoons and basically two types of jigs for ice fishing. 

The standard Kastmaster and Swedish Pimple Spoons (or the Clam Blade Spoon) fall in the middle of the spoon range.  When jigged they turn on their side and flash attracting fish.  They drop at a medium rate.

Skinny spoons, like the Clam Speed Spoon, drop fast and are often intended to present some flash a few inches away from some bait.  A chain or dropper jig looks strange to some, but once you realize that from the fish's perspective the spoon is visible from a few feet away but invisible once the fish eyes the bait (a waxworm or minnow head) you start to get the picture.

Wider spoons like the Slender Spoon and the new VMC Tingler (both available at Cabelas) turn sideways once jigged and fall with a very slow flash and wobble.  The attraction on these spoon covers a wide area and the slow fall can trigger fish that skipped the kastmaster. 

Super-light jigs (like the rat finkie) are meant to be fished dead stick or under a bobber.  Heavier jigs like the Clam tungsten models allow excellent feel to the angler for jigging even in deeper depths while still imitating small insects. 

Another jig you need to know is the Clam Blade Jig.  This is a classic design that helps weight down a live minnow typically deadstick or under a bobber.  The lead holds the minnow in place while not taking up too much of the hook gap. 

If you want to learn these basic presentations the Clam website and each type of tackle has a short 2-minute video with underwater shots of the lure's action.  Believe me, once you see these videos everything will start to make sense...even the 100's of items in the ice lure aisle. 

David Harrison is a freelance writer who lives near Chatfield Reservoir and Waterton Canyon in Littleton, CO. He has published articles in In-Fisherman, North American Fisherman, Colorado Outdoors, Salmon/Trout/Steelheader, Bass Anglers Magazine, and FLW Bass Magazine.
Blog content © David Harrison
Member comments
Wattzz, CO   12/19/2013 6:01:52 PM
I'm glad you have done this little write up due that I had plans to attend but ended up doing a bunch of mamas doos and missed it,little info helps alot but still wish I could of caught them all, guess I will be hitting Clams website and watch a few videos tonight
adrenaline_junkie_ff, CO   12/19/2013 6:33:19 PM
That Speed Spoon looks intriguing. I may have to find me one and try it. Would seem to work wonders banging the bottom. Some of the other jigs look pretty interesting as well.
David Harrison
Guest Blogger